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2017.08.27 00:36 Belthazare Soulnexus

Soulnexus is a sub where Spiritual individuals gather to discuss the nature of the Universe and Ourselves. As always - it is up to the individual to use discernment and only use that which they find here, if it resonates with them. ♡ Trollish behavior may result in an immediate ban without warning. Harassment of visitors and forum participants is not welcome. Disclaimer: We do not endorse any type of cult/ hive mind thinking here at Soulnexus. DISCERNMENT is advised.

2020.09.18 17:09 zionius_ (Spoilers Extended) So Spake Martin Extended: rarely seen quotes from GRRM part 5

I've made four posts (1, 2, 3, 4 ) presenting some rarely seen or discussed quotes from GRRM on ASOIAF. Now it's time for the 5th part. (Some were posted before as standalone posts, but for the sake of completeness I'd still include them here)
In my original proposal, I estimated that each volume of the trilogy might run as long as 800 pages in manuscript...The three books of the trilogy would be structured around the long, slow seasons of Westeros. A Game of Thrones would be summer’s book, A Dance with Dragons would take us through autumn, and The Winds of Winter…well, the title says it all.
[After he reached 1300 pages when writing AGOT] Out went the elegantly structured trilogy, with each volume built around a single season, I would tell the tale that I’d set out to tell, from beginning to middle to end, and never mind how many books or years it might require. By rearranging a bit, moving some chapters up and some others out, I found a very satisfactory resolution for first volume, and delivered a massive manuscript of 1188 pages to my publishers in October, 1995.
Elio: Back in 2003, when George was talking to Tom Maringer at Shire Post about replica coins, I received an email which went into George's idea that certain coinages that were circulating prior to the Conquest were co-opted by Aegon and the Targaryens and became part of the standard currency of the Seven Kingdoms. In the case of stags, they were coins used in the stormlands and became part of the currency of the Seven Kingdoms. There are also silver moons, a larger coin than a stag, originated from the Vale of Aryn.
In a partial manuscript of AFFC dated Jan. 2004, Boros Blount was looking increasingly ill and died at the end of the partial manuscript,
In THK, some Blackwoods were at the Ashford tourney. Their names were given in a roll of arms in the comic version of THK Note: only the four Blackwoods were not called "ser". They were squires. Elio asked about why the Blackwoods, who followed Old Gods took part in the tourney, and GRRM replied:
House Blackwood follows the old gods, so the Blackwoods are technically only squires, not knights, since they have never taken vows. The house is very old and high in honor, though, so allowances are made.
PS. You can find many more interesting tidbits in the roll of arms in THK comic, including GRRM's own sigil!
A fan was wearing a "Benjen Lives" t-shirt. George saw it and said that he couldn't say whether that was true or not, but that we'll definitely have more about him in ADwD.
George said that he knows the ending of the story and how many of the major characters will end. He explained that it is like travelling; you want to go from Barcelona to Paris, you know your destination and the roads you plan to take but you don't know what is going to happen in your way there. You have to be there, in your way to learn it. As an example he explained that he had Bran's first chapter in his mind from the very beginning but he didn't know who the man that Eddard Stark executes was, it was not until he was writing the eighth chapter that he realized that this man was the one from the Prologue.
Ted Nasmith: You may have seen my small painting of Eastwatch by the Sea. That was a private commission, for which I relied on the very limited info in the novel. On doing it, he remarked that it was inaccurate, then admitted that any descriptions were in his head, as yet, but were to be included in one of the sequels.
In a podcast recorded in May 2010, GRRM said:
There’s actually one thing under consideration right now. I can’t say too much about it, but that might impact… It’s very minor, though, it would be changing a character’s name, changing the name of a minor character for the television series, and if we go ahead and change that name, I might go back in the books and change his name in the books, as well. So in the later editions of the book, the minor character would have a different name. But it’s still up in the air whether we’ll actually do that or not. So that’s really all I can say about it right now.
Then in July, he hinted:
Lysa's son has been renamed for the series. "Robin" instead of "Robert," as in the books. He's still Sweetrobin.Marillion has not been renamed, though I offered to do so. I was tired of people assuming he was named after the band. I had never heard of the band when I named him, though I've heard a lot about them since.
Finally in Oct, he confirmed:
The name change that was being contemplated (as mentioned in the podcast was for Marillion, to avoid confusion with the band.HBO decided it was not necessary.The Marillion thing has annoyed me for years. So far as I knew at the time, I'd made up the name. It was never meant to refer to the band of the same name.
According to Elio, "pie or wine was poisoned during Purple Wedding" was one of the 100+ things they asked GRRM to verify, in order to make A World of Ice and Fire app.
And the app says the wine is poisoned.
On the issue of the differences between the series and books. I recently interviewed actor Ivan Reon, and he said that playing Ramsay Bolton was easy. Because, the quote, "Ramsey is a happy man." Did you make this character happy?
(laughs) Wow ... Actually, no. I did not write Ramsay as a happy person, at least in books. You know, you need to make a distinction between my version and the one you see on the screen. There is a lot of Ramsey background in the books - he is a child born after rape, which was not interesting to anyone. Until mother brought him to the castle. And since Roose Bolton had no legitimate heirs, he took Ramsay to himself, deciding: “This is the best I have. I am not very pleased with this, but that is it. " Ramsay in the books is motivated by this huge uncertainty due to the fact that he is unwanted. And at the same time he inherits the titles of Roose Bolton, and many around doubt his abilities and rights. He is, you know, the guy who doesn't fit. Because of this, there is a lot of anger in him and, of course, innate cruelty.
The transcription of the whole interview was posted before, but in that video the signal was lost for 2 mins. I find another video showing what GRRM said during the lost 2 mins.
ASOIAF is already older than 20 years. There is a lot of fan theories. Do these help you or influence you?
No the fan theories don’t influence the books. I largely try not to hear about the fan theories. In some cases those people write me emails. Back in the late 90s when around the time the 2nd book came out in 1999, the first few fan sites poped up on the internet. And I did visit them at that time, I was thrilled. “Oh they are talking about my book, what are they saying? Let me read them.” And it was fascinating to read, it was very ego gratifying. But at a certain point I realized there were difficulties here. I didn’t want to know about fan theories that may be wrong. It might give my some ideas, it might change something. I don’t want to change something, I want to be true to my own envision. And I also don’t want to know when they were right, which might also cause me to change something. “My god, they already guessed this twist, and guessed it like three books before I write it. I don’t like that. Should I change it? Make it something different?” No I already structured it, I set the twist since 1991, changing it now would spoil the structure to a ruined state. So there is really nothing to be gained by me reading the fan sites. Although I meet fans at conventions and public events. I don’t want to hear their theories. Let them enjoy making them up, but leave me out of it.
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2020.09.16 15:01 NintendoSwitchMods Super Mario 3D All-Stars: Review MegaThread

General Information

Platform: Nintendo Switch
Release Date: 18-Sep-2020
No. of Players: up to 2 players
Genre(s): Platformer, Action
Publisher: Nintendo
Game file size: 4.8 GB
Official site:

Overview (from Nintendo eShop page)

Play three of Mario’s greatest 3D platform adventures—all in one package!
Super Mario™ 3D All-Stars will be available as a limited-run retail edition and a digital edition that is available for a limited time until the end of March 2021. Once the digital edition has been purchased on your Nintendo Account, it can be re-downloaded and played if deleted from your device.
Play three classic games at home or on the go—all in one package on the Nintendo Switch™ system! Jump into paintings in Super Mario 64™, clean up paint-like goop in Super Mario Sunshine™, and fly from planet to planet in Super Mario Galaxy™.
Run, jump, and dive with ease!
Make Mario move using the Nintendo Switch system’s Joy-Con™ controllers. You can also pass a Joy-Con controller to a friend to play the Super Mario Galaxy game in Co-Star Mode! Mario’s movements are as smooth as ever with HD resolution for each game, while still retaining the look and feel of the originals.
Listen to timeless Super Mario tunes
Listen to a total of 175 iconic tunes from all three games! Whether you want to get up and dance or take a minute to relax—this collection has music to fit your mood!
Discover (or rediscover) three of Mario’s most iconic 3D platform adventures, all in one package, available on the Nintendo Switch™ system. Experience Mario’s first foray into 3D platforming in the Super Mario 64™ game, originally released in 1996. Wall jump, backflip, and even fly as you explore paintings and collect Power Stars to save Princess Peach!
Soak up the sun in the Super Mario Sunshine™ game, originally released in 2002, and spray the goop away with your water-spouting pal, FLUDD! You’ll need to collect Shine Sprites and clear the picturesque Isle Delfino of pollution—just look out for Bowser Jr.
Defy gravity as you explore space in the Super Mario Galaxy™ game, originally released in 2007! Help Rosalina restore her ship by collecting Power Stars and save Princess Peach. Gently shake a Joy-Con™ controller to activate Mario’s Spin ability or pass a Joy-Con controller to a friend for some extra help in Co-Star Mode*.
Even when you aren’t playing, you can enjoy the sounds that these worlds (and galaxies!) are so famous for. With three games, modern upgrades, and music-player mode, this collection is filled with fun for both new players and 3D platforming Mario masters.
*If playing on Nintendo Switch Lite, detached Joy-Con controllers are required and sold separately. See for details.




This list exported from OpenCritic at 9:29am Eastern


Being Social

The /NintendoSwitch mod team
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2020.09.16 10:04 pskovradioclub Activity Days dedicated to the 6th anniversary of Bear Glade radio club establishment

Activity Days dedicated to the 6th anniversary of Bear Glade radio club establishment
The Days of activity dedicated to the 6th anniversary of the Radio Club "Bear Glade" will be held from September 29th 00:00 MSK to October 4th 23:59 MSK. Work on the air without limits on bands and types of modulation.
Everyone is invited to participate, regardless of the country of residence, amateur radio qualifications, and other nuances.
Participants "activators" can be not necessarily members of the club, the activator can become any radio amateur, we are always happy to volunteers. Obligatory condition to provide your log for the specified dates to fill the site radio club
Program of activity days dedicated to the celebration of the 6th anniversary of the radio club "Bear Glade":

  • Work on the air on TV activator bands, the competition of "hunters" in the maximum number of radio communications with the activators.
  • Mobile Fun "Drive the Bears..." October 03, 2020
  • Hour mini-test September 29, 2020
  • Summary of HSBG program
More information on the website of the radio club "Bear Glade".
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2020.09.14 23:27 ar_david_hh Sep/14/2020: \\ election fraud: BHK's factory \\ Kocharyan & $600m \\ foreign affairs: USA, RUS, AZE events, shots fired \\ economic freedom index \\ parliament grills wannabe judges \\ berries (lol) \\ music & culture \\ COVID \\ school begins \\ infrastructure \\ Yerevan's metro, buses, elevators

new election fraud charges against BHK / Cement factory

BHK party leaders were earlier charged with buying voters during the 2017 elections.
The new report says: // during the 2012 and 2017 elections, the employees of [Gagik Tsarukyan's] AraratCement factory were threatened with termination unless they joined the BHK party and recruited voters. Some of them paid bribes to residents. //
A felony case is launched. More info is being gathered.

Robik Kocharyan's "$600 million investment in Russian company" / April 2016

Parliamentary security committee chief Andranik K. says they gathered 800 pages of facts about April 2016 battles. The investigation of the former government's handling of the job is over and will be finalized this month. The Parliament will then decide how to publish it.
Andranik K. continues: // Robert Kocharyan is successfully preventing the March 1st trial from entering the main fact-presentation stage. They're manipulating the court to delay the process.
When Kocharyan said he didn't have the $2m bail to get out, various oligarchs agreed to help him.
One of the donors was [Russian tech giant] SISTEMA's director Yevtushenko. Kocharyan has been a SISTEMA board member for years, which means he must have had his "share". The public needs to know these details.
Years earlier, Garnik Margaryan revealed that the Kocharyan family invested $600m in SISTEMA. It was not denied. There were overwhelming facts. Garnik Margaryan was later arrested and released.
We need to know where that $600m came from and how they were invested in SISTEMA. The March 1st court recently agreed to discuss Kocharyan's finances, but behind closed doors, which prevented the public from knowing details. //

19 years ago today...

Vladimir Putin arrived in Armenia to discuss Kocharyan's plan to give Russia/Russian companies some of the Armenian infrastructures in exchange for debt cancellation. The first deal was worth $100m.

Don't miss Sunday news

Ինչպես պապն էր ասում ՝ գիրք չկարդացողը շան տղայա:

Armenia-U.S. relations

"Armenian-American Strategic Dialogue" is a new cooperation initiative that began in 2019. Its second session was held today. The two countries will outline new priorities for cooperation.
Justice Minister Badasyan discussed the anti-corruption and police reforms with the U.S. ambassador.

Armenia-Russia relations

AM-RU soldiers used radio-electronic weapons to shut down "enemy drones" during a joint military drill.
"Shikla" units were used to locate and destroy the "drones" by using 23mm automatic guns, within 2.5km distance, and 1.5km altitude.
1,500 soldiers participated in drills which involved SU-25 jets and helicopters.
A group of Armenian soldiers flew to Russia to participate in the upcoming Caucasus-2020 military drills.

Armenia-Egypt relations

MFA Mnatsakanyan visited Egypt, met their President and MFA, and discussed Turkey's destabilizing actions in the eastern Mediterranean and Caucasus.
"We have strong relations with Egypt dating back to centuries. Armenians living in Egypt are allowed to preserve their culture and language. They've made significant contributions towards the formation of Egyptian institutes."
Context: Greece and Egypt recently signed a maritime deal which angered Turkey.
"Armenia's goal is to provide physical security for Nagorno Karabakh population and to help with recognition of their right to self-determination."

shots fired at the border

Armenian army fired shots to stop the Azeri army from conducting engineering work aimed at strengthening trenches. The army denied the Azeri govt's claims that the shots were fired at Azeri Aliyebli village.

Azerbaijani government

... isn't happy that several Lebanese-Armenians settled in the Artsakh Republic. They contacted international bodies and OSCE.

Azerbaijani minorities

An ethnic Avar activist complained about ethnic discrimination by Azeri authorities. "They are stopping Avars for no reason and extorting more bribes than they do from ethnic Azeris. They won't let Avars start a business and have a normal life in [Azerbaijan's northern] Balakan region. We ask [international leaders] for help. We don't want conflict but they are leaving no choice."

Azerbaijani air traffic control

... prohibited two Russian military planes from using Azeri airs to move back from Syria to Russia. The Russian planed had to divert and use Turkmen territories.

economic freedom index

Canadian Fraser ranks Armenia 18th out of 162 in terms of economic freedoms. It's up 9 positions from last time.
Hong Kong 1, Georgia 8, Armenia 18, Moldova 78, Azerbaijan 112, Venezuela 162.

Parliament is Q&A-ing Constitutional Court nominees

Context: Constitutional Court has 3 vacant seats. The govt, the president, and the judicial branch have each nominated one candidate, who need to go through a Parliamentary Q&A and a secret-ballot vote before approval.
Opposition BHK and LHK will boycott the election process because they opposed the initial process that kicked out the 3 old judges and demoted HHK's Hrayr Tovmasyan. They also complained that none of the candidates met them one-on-one for talks.
The Q&A and appointment process will be monitored by the OSCE Human Rights division in cooperation with the Armenian HR Ombudsman.
The first candidate for Q&A is Yervand Khundukyan, nominated by the judicial branch. He was introduced to Parliament by a fellow judge.
The candidate said he doesn't support the proposed idea of merging the Constitutional Court with the Cassations Court.
"We the judges are generally conservative towards such changes. I'm against major reorganizations. The role of CC and Cassations currently differ from one another."
He wants CC to have more independent powers over interpreting constitutional norms, while at the same time to give Parliament the right to "respond" if CC rules something unconstitutional.
He was asked about his past activities and his role in the shutting down of opposition A1+ media outlet during the former regime.
During another Q&A session, Ind. MP Babajanyan got into a heated argument with the candidate and accused him of being generally "intolerant".
There were also personal questions about his sons' alleged "preferential" treatment in the military. He denied preferential treatment, saying the location of his son's service was chosen through the regular lottery system.
Meanwhile, the Corruption Prevention Commission will be vetting his past activities.
NGO chief Arthur Sakunts criticized the judicial branches' nominee, saying he has a questionable past and had 13 of his verdicts overruled by ECHR in the past.
"At one point Pashinyan said any judge who had a verdict overruled by ECHR should automatically resign. If this nominee is approved, it'll be a step backward from revolution's spirit."
The second candidate is Arthur Vagharshyan, nominated by president Sarkissian. He was presented to Parliament by the president's aide.
When asked to comment LHK's complaints that he didn't meet LHK for discussions, he said he wasn't aware that it was him who had to initiate such conversation. "Had I known that LHK wanted to talk, I would have contacted them."
The third candidate is Edgar Shatiryan, nominated by the government. He was presented to Parliament by Justice Minister for Q&A.

the world is stress-eating berries and pumpkin

Pashinyan: the exports of strawberries, blackberry, and currant (հաղարջ) has increased by 166% during the pandemic, reaching $5.5m turnover.
It's important to note that it's mostly produced in greenhouses which helps to develop that industry and make us less dependent on weather conditions.
The farmer doesn't have to wait to find out the size of the harvest. It's "you harvest what you plant".
Similarly, the exports of mushroom, pumpkin and spinach grew 62%, reaching $3.2m.
Flower exports rose 17%, reaching $3.9m.

the world is producing music during the pandemic

Composer Tigran Mansuryan wrote two pieces during COVID. It'll be presented to the audience soon. The orchestra plans 50 performances dedicated to its 15th anniversary.
One of the new pieces, called "the sound of silence" is about the pandemic, and was written at the request of a German musician who launched an initiative to ask musicians around the world to compose a piece relevant to current times.

the organizers of Dilijan concert won't be penalized

The new Quarantine rules are laxer and allow up to 60 people at a commercial concert. The police say yesterday's Dilijan concert met the requirements. Patrons wore masks, had their temperatures taken, etc.
Prime Minister's office criticized the police's decision, saying "you and I both saw that the safety measures weren't respected."

fight in Gyumri

Presumably a mask-related confrontation between the police and Gyumri resident let to a scuffle. Arms were twisted. A woman laid on the police vehicle to prevent it from leaving with the detainee.

Russian Airoflot will resume flights to Armenia

on October 25th

schools resume after a lengthy pandemic break

The Emergency ended a few days ago and was replaced with less strict "Quarantine" which allows schools to operate under strict safety conditions.
Only first-graders were allowed to attend today, to prevent overcrowding. The rest will go tomorrow.
Thousands of teachers and students with chronic health problems will continue with online education.

new schools are being built

21 new preschools will open across Armenia on September 21st, says Education Ministry. The rural facilities will come equipped with the necessary furniture.
It is co-funded by the World Bank. 136 such facilities have been built since 2019.

Infrastructure upgrades across Armenia

5 more seismic-proof schools were rebuilt across Armenia.
Madina, Gegharquniq will have two subsidized projects to install lighting on all streets and to build an irrigation network.
Chkalovka, Gegharquniq will have several streets and parks renovated by the end of this year, for the first time since the 1980s.
Azatan's main road is being renovated. It connects to the M1 highway.

NSS busts Gyumri officials with corruption

The NSS says: we found corruption in city-run "Yuri Vardanyan Sports Center" and "Hamalir Youth Sports Center".
Officials from these organizations hired 24 fake employees beginning in 2010 and embezzled $89,000 in salaries.
A felony cause is launched.

Yerevan replaces more Soviet-era elevators

... in apartment complexes around the capital. 134 out of 3,500 have been replaced. 370 more this year.
"For comparison, only 20 were replaced in the period between Armenia's independence and 2018," flexed Municipality spokesman.

Yerevan could reform its architecture department

Mayor Marutyan says they're thinking about abolishing the position of "chief Yerevan architect" to replace it with some kind of a committee.
Recently the chief architect Arthur Meschyan resigned after promising in 2018 to serve only two years.

Yerevan's upcoming new 12-meter long buses...

... need to be purchased through an auction. None of the sellers met the requirement. A new auction will be held to buy the 100 buses.
As for the auction for the other 100 mini-buses, there is already a winner. Buses will arrive in 3 months.
There are also plans to buy medium-sized 9-meter buses.

update: Yerevan's new metro station

Last month we learned that Mayor Marutyan scrapped the plans to have a private company built a bridge then a separate metro station with malls on top. Instead, the city plans to use public funds to pay a lot less and build a bridge with a metro station on top.
Today Marutyan confirmed that they discussed it with the federal government and decided that public funds will be used. It'll cost $35m for the feds. "The government has reassured that they have the money," said Marutyan.

President Sarkissian met the British Science Association director..

... Lord Ara Darzi, an ethnic Armenian and a child of the Genocide survivor. Ara became the director last week. The two discussed Sarkissian's ATOM scientific initiative and possible cooperation in a program related to artificial intelligence.
Sarkissian then visited Cambridge's science center to eat free pizza because someone was doing a generous giveaway this sentence is fake news designed to test if you're still reading.

How this village in Armenia is keeping a 5000-year-old cheese-making tradition alive

Grandmaster Levon Aronyan

Finished third in the online Champions Showdown: Chess 9LX competition held yesterday.
He scored 5.5 out of 9 after tying with Magnus and Kasparov but losing to Lagrave.

Exhibition dedicated to composer Komitas

... was launched in the Romanian city of Georgen, aided by local officials and the Armenian community.
You've read 2044 words. 2044 is when we'll finally have flying cars.

Disclaimer & Terminology

1) The accused are innocent until proven guilty in the court of law, even if they sound guilty.
2) Currency in Armenian ֏ unless specified otherwise.
3) NSS/SIS/SOC = law enforcement agencies. QP = Civil Contract Party. LHK = Bright Armenia Party. BHK = Prosperous Armenia Party. HHK = Republican Party. ARF = Armenian Revolutionary Federation Party
4) ARCHIVE of older posts by Idontknowmuch: PART 1 ; PART 2 ; PART 3 ; PART 4 ; PART 5.
5) ARCHIVE of older posts by Armeniapedia.
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2020.09.08 04:37 JustMeInBigD Things to Do - September - Virtual and Distanced Outdoor Events

Social distancing is probably here for a very long time, but yeah,we're getting bored and also want to support our community businesses, performers, etc. Events listed here are either virtual or non-crowded and/or outdoor events where it's easy to keep a safe distance. Feel free to post similar events in the comments.
Things to Do In September
Online & Outdoor, and Limited Capacity Events

Top Events

Dallas Stars are in the Stanley Cup Playoffs!
DFW Restaurant Week, Takeout Style, through Sept. 27 at select restaurants
North Texas Giving Day is Sept 17. Early giving is open now.
Autumn at the Arboretum runs from Sept. 19 through Nov. 1.
State Fair of Texas - Big Tex Fair Food Drive-Thru - select dates Sept 25 through Oct. 18

Ongoing Events

Texas Rangers Baseball
The Fight for Civil Rights in the South Dallas Holocaust and Human Rights Museum Virtual Tour Free Online tour consists of two prestigious photography exhibitions covering the African American struggle for civil rights and social equality in the 1960s. Through Jan 21
Thrift Studio Pop Up Shop Dwell with Dignity Limited Capacity - masks and gloves required Free, goods for sale Monday through Saturday 10am-5pm through Sept 26

8 - Tuesday

Winspear Opera House Jenna Bush Hager “Everything Beautiful in Its Time” Book Tour Virtual Event 7 p.m. $42
Deep Ellum Art Co D'Angelo Tribute Live Stream featuring Sput Searight & More Virtual Event on Youtube 8 p.m. Free

9 - Wednesday

Dallas Wings vs.Seattle Storm Television Broadcast 9 p.m.

10 - Thursday

The Big Fake {Micro} Wedding Dallas Bridal Show Digital Session (Streaming) 5 p.m. $10
Looks like the in-person event is still on at Tyler Place, but there’s a separate digital version too.


→9/11 - 9/13 Dallas Chocolate Festival (Virtual) $5 Chocolatiers and chefs bring you →streamed guided tastings, factory tours, video chats all weekend.

11 - Friday

Texas Theatre Sunset Drive-In Chadwick Boseman in 42 Doors 7:30 p.m., Show 8:30 p.m. $19.75 per car “42 : The True Story of An American Legend” tells the story of Reggie Jackson, the first African American to play Major League Baseball. Partial Box Office proceeds for this screening will go directly to the Methodist Foundation on behalf of the Cancer Center at Methodist Dallas that specializes in colon cancer.

12 - Saturday

American Heart Association Dallas Heart Walk Virtual Events from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., “Live” event on WFAA-ABC Channel 8 at 9:30am Free Donations and fundraising encouraged.

13 - Sunday

Front Yard Concerts #22 (Facebook link) Jai’sun Williams Outdoors 7 p.m. Free, contributions requested. Use Facebook Messenger to contact the linked page for the address.
Lovers Lane United Methodist Church "LIVE Concert of Collaboration" Streamed Live Event p.m. Free Music of faith performed by Sheryl Sebo on the newly restored Aeolian-Skinner chancel pipe organ and Jimmy Emery on the Baldwin concert grand piano.

14 - Monday

Refugee Services of Texas Salaam Supper Virtual 5:30 p.m. Free
Virtual cooking demo (ingredients list available in advance) plus learn about refugees and asylees, and raise awareness for the clients we serve at Refugee Services of Texas

15 - Tuesday

SMU DCII Allman Family Lecture “Why They Marched” Author Susan Ware Free, RSVP requested

16 - Wednesday

The Ticket “Intentional Grounding” Radio Show/Live Stream 7 p.m.

17 - Thursday

Reminder: Today is North Texas Giving Day.
Interabang Books “Cassandra Speaks” Author Elizabeth Lesser in Conversation with Robyn Moreno Facebook Live 6 p.m.
Levitt Pavilion Radney Foster Facebook Live 7 p.m. Free Donations to the Levitt Pavilion for North Texas Giving Day are requested and will qualify for matching gifts. The Levitt Living Room Series also includes additional dates and performers.

18 - Friday

The Drive-in at The Central Princess Bride 8 p.m. $28 - $35 per car. Food available from Tutta’s Pizza via online ordering. More dates and movies scheduled at Rooftop Cinema Club.

19 - Saturday

Advanced Cocktails Gin Cocktails - Botanical & Savory Hands-on Virtual Mixology Class 2 p.m. $99, includes tools and ingredients (pick up at The Standard pour or order for shipment.)
DeSoto Parks and Recreation Latino Heritage Virtual Concert with Havana NRG Online Event 7 p.m. Free

20 - Sunday

Dallas by Chocolate Road Rally & Scavenger Hunt with Desserts 1 p.m. $39 per person
A clever pivot from the company that brought you fun Dallas food (and Christmas lights) bus tours. Tickets required in advance. Additional dates on weekends in September and October.

21 - Monday

Let’s Roam Scavenger Hunt Adventures Dallas Virtual Game Night: Trivia, Charades, and Drawing 7 p.m. Free. Many additional dates and events.

22 - Tuesday

Dallas Veteran Resource CenteGarland Behavioral Hospital The "S" Word Conversations Live Virtual Seminar Noon – 3:30 p.m. Free An innovative experience to raise awareness about suicide prevention through the use of clips from the documentary and open discussion.
Open to the public. 3.5 Credit Hours for Social Workers and Counselors Licensed in the State of Texas.
Dallas Institute of Humanities and Culture Toni Morrison: a Tribute and Celebration Online Event 6:30 p.m. Suggested donation $25

23 - Wednesday

Mike Willliams Magic SNEAKY - A Live Interactive Virtual Magic Experience $25

24 - Thursday

Dallas Open Mic Monthly Online Open Mic Virtual 8 p.m. Free. Sponsorships and donations accepted. RSVP Requested. A monthly virtual event series (every 4th Thursday of the month) for artists, producers, poets & comedians to showcase their talents.

25 - Friday

Arts Mission Oak Cliff Tether Live Dance Performance to Watch from Your Car 6:30 p.m. $15-30. Additional dates and times between September 24-26 & October 1-3.
Virtual Theatre Opening
→9/25 - 10/ 2 Uptown Players Pageant (Off Broadway Play) $20 - $30 Virtual Theater →Production. If you like RuPaul’s Drag Race, you just might love this farce.

26 - Saturday

Jasper's Uptown Backyard Cinema Nights: Dirty Dancing Outdoor Dinner + Movie Experience 7:45 p.m. $10 . Movie nights Thursdays and Saturdays throughout September.

27 - Sunday

Oak HIghlands Brewery Fair Food Sunday (Facebook Link) Outdoor Event noon to 6 p.m. Each week an official State Fair of Texas concessionaire is featured.
Granada Theater Chris Daughtry’s Live From Home Tour Virtual Event 8 p.m. $10 and up This event benefits Granada Theater.

28 - Monday

Water Tower Theatre ONE Addison Concert Video-on-demand event on Vimeo $41 Full run dates Sept 17-30. Free to season subscribers.

29 - Tuesday

Frisco Lakes Concert Broadway Musicals Day A Musical Special with World Piano Man - Martyn Lucas (Facebook Link) Live concert on Youtube Chat starts at 5:30 p.m., music starts at 6 p.m. Free, donations and tips appreciated.

30 - Wednesday

Dallas Songwriters Association Virtual Open Mic Zoom Event and/or Facebook Live Free Ongoing event every Wednesday night.
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2020.09.07 18:05 TheGoatPuncher Amateur tournament round-up for week 37

A new week begins, and with that new opportunities to smash noobs present themselves. Here are the tournaments you can participate in this week:
ESL Open Cup Americas #35
To be played on Monday, the 7th of August, from 23:00 UTC
Open to Any league.
Server Americas.
Prize 1st place gets $200, 2nd place $100 and 3rd place $50.
SCVRush Open #226
To be played on Tuesday, the 8th of August, from 17:00 UTC.
Open to Any league.
Server EU.
Prize 1st place $15, second place $5.
Shyrshadi Open #30
To be played on Friday, the 11th of September, from 00:00 UTC
Open to Any league
Server NA
Prize 1st place gets $35, 2nd place $15
Sugar 2v2 Cup #7
To be played on Saturday, the 12th of September, from 01:00 UTC.
Open to Two player teams of any league.
Server NA
Prize 1st place gets US$35, second place US$15
Grand Platypus Open #40
To be played on Saturday, the 12th of September, from 08:00 UTC.
Open to SEA/OCE region players of any level
Server Australia/Singapore
Prize 1st place gets US$24, 2nd place US$24.
Ao Dai Weekly #51
To be played on Saturday, the 12th of September, from 12:00 UTC
Open to All SEA players who have not placed top 4 in a WCS/EPT Challenger since 2017
Server North America
Prize 1st place $20, 2nd place $10, 3rd place $5. Bonus $5 to a random Vietnamese player.
REGENERATE Open Weekly Cup #90 - Please note the linked site is in Russian
To be played on Saturday, the 12th of September, from 15:00 UTC.
Open to Any league.
Server EU.
Prize 1st place gets $36, 2nd place gets $16
Legacy Weekly Japan 233 Open - Link to a previous edition's challonge, will update when the page for the new one is up.
To be played on Sunday, the 13th of August, from 12:00 UTC.
Open to Diamond and up Japanese players or Japan residents.
Server Korean.
Prize 1st place gets 4,000 yen, 2nd place 2,000 yen 3rd and 4th 1,000 yen and 5th to 8th 500 yen.
That was all folks! Please note that this list may be subject to change as necessitated by cancellations or additions.
All tournament times in UTC for consistency and readability, your date and time can and will differ depending on your timezone.
If you know of any tournament not included here, please let me know in the comments or by PM and I'll get it added promptly.
Gl hf to everyone participating in any of the above tournaments. Have a great week :)
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2020.09.06 05:20 Romance_scout The Main Criteria Of Rating Mail Order Bride Sites High

The Main Criteria Of Rating Mail Order Bride Sites High
What elements are really crucial for experts when they form the rating of mail order brides sites? What are the factors you need to pay your attention to? Indeed, the right choice is the key to success and a one-time sign-up. Why? Well, if you join the right service once, you won’t need to search anymore.
Find other full useful guides on and be ready to find your future love!
#mailorderbrides #mailorderbride #dating #datesexygirl #lovesexybride #findwife #meetawife #findbeautifulwife #datinghotgirls #marrybride #hotwomen #hotgirls #sexygirls #sexybrides
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2020.09.03 17:44 YuriMosha Industry of accusation: how do websites publishing compromising material work? Yuri Mosha Experience.

Industry of accusation: how do websites publishing compromising material work? Yuri Mosha Experience.
By Ignat Shestakov
Photo: Global Look Press/Monika Skolimowska
Fake news technologies are becoming more sophisticated, partly owing to the support of Hollywood. Furthermore, the simplest methods of disinformation are getting more and more efficient. Izvestia has figured out why the oldest heads of this monster can never be chopped off.
“The oldest heads” are the websites containing compromising material, which make money from customers wishing to ruin lives of their competitors, and from these competitors willing to pay to remove from the Internet publications about themselves having different degrees of reliability.
And we are not even talking about such veterans of information warfare like the site, that was created in 1999, blocked in 2017 although still perfectly working, but rather short-living web pages that get created as quickly as then become deleted. Their editorial staff sometimes publishes damaging information not even at the request, but simply to keep up with other teams.
Kompromat as a business
Entrepreneur Yuri Mosha had to deal with compromising materials published on the Internet several times. According to him, back in the early 2010s, such things were done by single websites, unrelated to one another. Some of them positioned themselves as official mass media having editorial staff and real legal addresses. “At that time, we could fight it. We contacted that sites and threatened them with filing court claims. In most cases, it helped, because they were afraid of responsibility”, Mosha told Izvestia.
A new wave of compromising material against the entrepreneur who makes money by helping those wishing to move to the United States from the former Soviet Union countries, emerged two years ago. He tried to make a deal with the sites or to make pressure on them through lawyers. But this time it was all pointless: “Now this is big business, and there are groups that have hundreds of websites with dummy registrations”.
Photo: Screenshot
Mosha contacted several owners of websites containing compromising materials by mail. Some of them were ready to delete publications for $ 7,000, others — for $ 20,000. Ordering publication of material damaging a competitor is cheaper — from $ 50,000 to $ 5,000. “You send an e-mail. They answer: “No problem, here’s a bitcoin wallet, transfer the money and I’ll delete the post.” At the same time each group attaches a list of their sites to an email,” the entrepreneur said. He did not pay anything.
Photo: Screenshot
I found a dark PR man, whom I paid at the end, however, not for removing materials, but for his advice. First advise was: you should not pay anyone. As soon as you pay, they will understand that you are ready to do it, and you will keep paying for the rest of your life. And even if they play fair and delete you from one site, they will post you on 50 others. He told me: “You see, we all know each other, and we are retyping all publications. As soon as information appears on one resource, the robot transfers it to others. And if a person pays [an owner of one website containing compromising material], he will start to pay everyone”.
His second hint was that suing them is useless. Because when there is a court decision, if Federal Service for Supervision of Communications, Information Technology and Mass Media (Roskomnadzor) blocks it (only) on the territory of the Russian Federation, they will see that you are fighting with them, and will publish even more information about you.
Third, he said that the target must be not the sites, but Google and Yandex. As he said, they exist due to the support from Google and Yandex. Those two are just like salesmen in a gun shop who sell rifles to buyers who say they will shoot people in the street. They [search engines] do not fight against this [compromising material] at all. Before the lawsuit [with the search engines] I myself sent them information [about compromising material]. I attached a police clearance certificate, a residence permit, confirmation of citizenship. After that I had to go to court.
Now Yuri Mosha is negotiating a settlement with Yandex and is suing Google. Read about the difficulties faced by the entrepreneur and other people trying to remove information about themselves from the Internet (especially not from the Internet segment of one country) through court action here.
Making business on a kompromat business
In recent years, several companies have emerged in the Russian Internet segment that earn money by helping people remove information about themselves from search engines, social networks and mass media. They would not be able to make money if the laws on the right to be forgotten worked well.
Here it should be mentioned, that these laws in different forms exist in many countries. And Russia stays behind its neighbors, as there the law only entered into force in 2016. In 2014, the Court of Justice of the European Union adopted the decision according to which the users, in some cases, have the right to request the search engine to remove their personal data from the search results. And the preconditions for this right were already established in the Convention on Human Rights, which entered into force in 1953. In the United States, such cases typically cite Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act of 1996.
So, it is difficult and time-consuming to seek a decision to get the data removed from search engines through courts. According to Yandex statistics, the company satisfied 27% of processed requests within three months from the date when the law on the right to be forgotten entered into force (that is, from January to March 2016). Google has more representative statistics, which, moreover, has been collected since 2014.
Photo: Depositphotos
That is why there are companies that resolve such issues avoiding judicial proceedings. They do not remove links to negative publications from search engines, but instead ensure that first pages of the search contain links to positive publications. They negotiate with social networks, contact websites and sometimes pay them.
The founder of one of such companies, Maxim Zlobin, told VC.RU that he first worked with company leaders, government officials and parliamentarians. But over time, he also started to work with individuals.
Maxim Zlobin, the ISN founder:
Once, a woman from Makhachkala contacted us. Hardly speaking Russian, she asked us to delete information about her sole proprietorship. At first, we could not understand why she needed this because search engines only showed records about the liquidation of the sole proprietorship. But then it appeared that her sole proprietorship had a code of the Russian National Classifier of Economic Activities (OKVED) referring to “Activities of massage parlors”. And although the woman did not provide any massage services to men (for religious reasons), if it became known to her relatives, she would be “forever covered with shame.” To remove this information, we partially used passages of the law on insulting the feelings of believers on the verge of the right to be forgotten.
Now half of Zlobin’s clients are businessmen, 30% are politicians, and 20% are public figures or individuals.
If you can’t delete it, take the lead
There are three methods the businessman uses in his work. The first one is negotiations, including offering money to web-platforms for removing negative publications. But, as noted by Yuri Mosha, this method is associated with high risks, including, first of all, the risk of the Streisand effect when the fact of an appeal may become a reason for new material. Second, there is a risk of getting into bondage when the payments to the web platform would become regular.
Prices for publication of the compromising material with which the founder of ISN works are lower than for those Mosha faced. Publishing information with a link to a foreign (containing the compromising information) site, costs €600–800. This allows the Russian kompromat-trash hole to avoid any responsibility for the publication. At the same time, deleting one publication costs from 5,000 to 600,000 rubles. That is, from $100 to about $ 10,000.
Photo: ТАСС/Ведомости/Максим Стулов
Therefore, the businessman considers the second method — work with search results — to be the most effective. Whitewashing articles about the client get posted and promoted in search engines. Thanks to this, the tarnishing publications move down to other pages of search results.
And the third way is a legal battle. When it comes to search engines, the right to be forgotten is used for this, but the common idea is that even if “there is some success in the court, in order to remove the information, you will have to go straight to the Constitutional Court”. Zlobin’s experts also use the law on personal data, which, in particular, states that no information about citizens of the Russian Federation can be stored and processed on the servers of foreign companies without the consent of these people. With social networks, according to Zlobin’s experience, it is often possible to reach an agreement provided that there is a reasonable proof that the compromising material is fabricated.
Kompromat on a business on a kompromat business
However, all this is useless, as Yuri Mosha noted with regret. Faced with the problem of kompromat, he contacted several companies of this kind. He did not mention ISN among those in his interview with Izvestia’s correspondent, however. And those he had contacted left him disappointed.
Yuri Mosha, an entrepreneur:
They cannot do anything. Some of them need a court decision. Others say, “We’re going to overlay [the negative content] with a positive one.” But I create such content myself, I have 5 thousand videos uploaded on YouTube, and it still doesn’t work.
All these companies are just scammers. They can’t do anything. I contacted one site [containing compromising material]. They said: half bitcoin [for deleting publications]. Then I contacted a company. They told me they would call back. They did call back and promised to solve the problem for one bitcoin.
Short-living website publishing compromising material of a different degree of truthfulness represent an ultimate expression of the fake news industry. Unlike the Hollywood-sponsored fake video technology, which (so far) takes resources and time, a site with catchy headlines can be created in several hours. And just as easily it can be removed from the Internet, as, for example, it happened with
The Site on Dangerous Connections, as was introduced by its authors, appeared in 2008. It published a standard set of material compromising politicians, including those of the Ural region, wrote URA.RU. Now the website link leads to a Riga travel guide with text stolen from a real travel site and ridiculous low-resolution photographs. It is quite obvious that when the money for the removal of the compromising material arrived, the creators simply covered it with a previously prepared dummy. And when a new order arrives, they will again remove it and continue to earn on lies.
Because it is so easy to create, remove, and reproduce such sites, they cannot be defeated. The University of Oxford recently published a report on the fight against fake news in various, primarily European, countries.
The term \"fake news\" addressed during the talk \"Between facts, fakes and manipulations - how do we defend democracy on the Internet?\" at the Ministry of Justice in Berlin, Germany. Photo: Global Look Press/dpa/Jörg Carstensen
The governments of all these countries do not make any attempts to counteract the sites posting compromising material. Because they just cannot. Most are trying to shift the responsibility onto social media. For example, in Germany, Facebook is threatened with a fine of up to €50 million if "obviously illegal" content is not removed within 24 hours. In some other countries, like Turkey or Bulgaria, according to the authors, the fight against fake news simply justifies the pressure on the opposition. And only two European countries, Sweden and Holland, came to an idea of teaching people to distinguish between rumors and the truth. Other countries, in contrast, just keep prohibiting things without obtaining any reasonable effect of this.
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2020.09.02 09:31 allietimelow Colourpop Frequently Asked Questions (READ ME FIRST)

UPDATED 9/2/20 due to previous thread being archived. Please direct questions regarding sales, shipping, general customer service, and most else to this thread rather than making your own. If you have questions that are not answered here, please comment below and a community member or moderator will do their best to help you!
Normal processing times (this does not include shipping) for ColourPop orders is 3-5 business days. BUSINESS DAYS means Monday through Friday. Weekends and Holidays are NOT INCLUDED.
If there is a BIG ANTICIPATED RELEASE or a SALE is currently happening, processing times are upwards of 7-10 BUSINESS DAYS. There have been times, like between Black Friday and Christmas, where processing times have even been up to 15 days.
Colourpop's primary shipping courier is DHL. This is a ground service that is notoriously slow. Generally, DHL's job will be to bring your order from Oxnard to a local USPS facility, where it will be handed off to your local mailman for delivery.
If your order has already been shipped and there is an issue, CONTACT DHL FIRST. Colourpop cannot do anything without evidence that your order has gone missing if it has already shipped and they will not be able to assist you until you contact DHL or USPS. Please save yourself the headache of automated email replies and get in contact with your shipping carrier first.
International Order Information
Customs fees and import fees MAY apply, for some countries it is included in your Colourpop purchase itself.
Processing for international orders is more like 10-15 days, shipping is currently a mess due to COVID-19. If you are international and ordering Colourpop, given the complaints seen recently I would give it at least a month.
BYOPS do not count as one component if there is a component limit for your country. I know this is an issue with Canadian fans. They will count as 12 shadows and 1 palette, for example.
Order Issues
If you have received a broken product, someone else’s order, haven’t received your order, or have any other issues with your order. CONTACT CUSTOMER SERVICE. The best thing to do is reply to your order confirmation email with the issues you are having. Include photos of said broken/wrong product and also include a photo of the packing slip with your order information! If you can’t reply to your order confirmation email, use this form to send them your information:
**Also if your order ends up showing as delivered but you never received it. I would recommend contacting Colourpop as you would a damaged order and possibly contacting your local Postmaster as well.
Site Restocks
We do not work for Colourpop, therefore we do NOT know when product restocks will be happening. We suggest that you sign up for their mailing list to be notified of restocks, or follow them on all social media platforms to get the most up-to-date news on site restocks. We try to keep you up to date, however some restocks are totally random and we cannot tell you when or if they will return. Please refrain from making posts asking about restocks - nobody knows, and if they do, we will have a megathread for it.
If the product you want is still listed on the website, it will likely restock. If it has been removed from the website entirely there is a great chance the product is not coming back. Colourpop doesn't announce many of their discontinues unfortunately, it has always been like this.
List of Colourpop Products and Shades
Does someone have a list of every palette? Every shadow? Yes, there is a SPREADSHEET that lists every shade name of every product (it’s up to date to the best of my knowledge) that is maintained by Erin. It is updated every few weeks. It can be found here:
When Will the Next Sale Be?
Short answer, we don't know. Long answer:
Colourpop tends to run sales around major holidays. Some we've seen include Black Friday, Christmas, Memorial Day, Fourth of July and Labor Day.
Their birthday month, MAY, tends to see a lot of special releases and sales.
Occasionally we will see a milestone sale as well - for example 30% off lippies to celebrate hitting 9 million Instagram followers.
Dry Super Shock Shadows: Add few drops of a beauty oil (such as Argan Oil) to your super shock shadow. Close it up tight and let it sit for a day or two. Silicone based primers are also known to re-hydrate super shock shadows.
Dry Jelly Much Shadows: Add a few drops of DISTILLED water to the Jelly Much and stir it up.
Dry Gel Liner Pots: Use Inglot Duraline to revive your gel liner pots. You can purchase that from Beautylish. We have also heard that setting spray and beauty oil works but we’ve never tried those ourselves.
Coupon Codes
Some active 10% codes: (there is nothing higher that we know of right now.)
If it is your first time ordering Colourpop, you can use Refer a Friend to get 15% off, but this only works on a new account with a first time purchase. Here is my (Allie) referral link:
Student Discounts for Colourpop can be obtained through UniDays!
Also, Colourpop is also a part of Rakuten and MyPoints!
Referral Links (Erin) for those programs below:
Afterpay Information
This is a credit-based option that will allow you to pay for your purchase in four interest-free installments (due every two weeks). You’ll pay your first installment at the time of purchase, and the remainder over time. It is always zero interest, never additional fees when you pay on time. The only fees are for late payments. They will email your payment schedule and send notifications so there are no surprises.
No long application forms. You’ll know if you’re approved instantly and your order will ship as it would with any other form of payment.
More information on Afterpay can be found here:

Can you think of any other questions / answers that belong in our Colourpop FAQ? Let us know!
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2020.09.01 11:24 BlackburnUTG I waana create Ramdisc. but cant find XFast RAM program

page on oficial site is out of date, there is no am4 motherboadrds.
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2020.09.01 11:06 UMITop Why UMI Will Not Fall Victim to Inflation: Dispelling Myths of “Deadly Issue”

Why UMI Will Not Fall Victim to Inflation: Dispelling Myths of “Deadly Issue”
With UMI staking, anyone anywhere in the world can generate new coins at the rate of up to 40 % a month, or up to 5,669 % a year, with no risk of falling victim to fraudsters. It means new opportunities for humanity which never existed before. However, many people who are used to miserable interests on bank deposits and financial pyramids that last a few months at most cannot understand what makes this possible. How can you safely earn up to 40 % a month with no risk of losing it all?
Sceptics cannot wrap their minds around this which makes them suspect there’s a catch to it. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that you can find various myths about UMI's “deadly issue” on forums and social networks. The most popular among them say that you simply cannot ensure long-term operation with this kind of “super-high income” and no one has any idea what will happen to this cryptocurrency in 10 or more years. Here's a forecast from sceptics, briefly: “deposits” with this percentage are simply impossible, it will inevitably cause hyperinflation, UMI cryptocurrency will devalue, and will share the fate of currencies in some of the less fortunate countries, such as Zimbabwe or Venezuela.
To counter these allegations, we've prepared a detailed article with arguments dispelling all these myths, nullifying all “forecasts” and putting the lid on this issue. Here we go!
What's the value behind the forecasts?
First of all, 10 or more years is too much of a long term, and forecasting so far in advance is simply impossible. Don't take us wrong here: it's not just about cryptocurrencies; it's about anything in the world. There was a time when people thought pagers, faxes, and landline phones had cheerful prospects, but look at what happened to them. They have been replaced by smartphones and the Internet accessible to all which no one believed was possible in the first place. New technologies emerge out of the blue and transform the world beyond recognition. The old — something everyone is used to — is replaced with something new and more
convenient. Something better.
10 years ago people believed in developing bank technologies, but then, all of a sudden, Bitcoin was created and transformed people's understanding of financial payments. It turned out anyone in the world can make payments with no intermediaries and generate new digital money. It's true that Bitcoin is not perfect, but millions use it all over the world. This number is also growing fast with each passing day.
Do you remember forecasts made for Bitcoin when it first appeared? Both ordinary people and respected world-class experts predicted it would soon die. No one believed it could last for even 10 years.
Typical article predicting the end of Bitcoin from respected mass media. Source.

Here're some graphic examples from the leading world-class mass media:
“That's the End of Bitcoin.” Forbes, 2011, BTC price — $15.
“Bitcoin is headed to the ash heap.” USA Today, 2015, BTC price — $208.
“R.I.P., Bitcoin. It’s time to move on.” The Washington Post, 2016, BTC price — $382.
“Stay away from bitcoin and ethereum — they are complete garbage.” This is garbage." MarketWatch, 2017, BTC price — $2,345.
“Is Bitcoin Going To Zero?” Forbes, 2018, BTC price — $3,432.
In 2020, the BTC price is almost $12,000. The respected mass media have “declared Bitcoin dead” over 400 times (!!!) referring to its lack of backing, high issue rate, super-high price growth, and the like — just like the skeptics “declaring UMI dead” right now. However, despite all the discouraging forecasts, Bitcoin continues to successfully grow and rapidly gain in popularity.
Over 12 years, Bitcoin has been declared dead 381 times, but it only grows stronger with each passing year. Source.

All of the above is proof that you shouldn't put blind trust in various forecasts, even coming from respected sources. Forecasts are mere opinions and arguments, but no one can know for
sure what will happen in 10, 100, or 1,000 years. No expert can know that. Similarly, no one knows what will happen to UMI many years from now.
UMI can solve any issues on the fly
We cannot know the future, but we did all we could to make our coin last forever. Most existing cryptocurrencies have a very important problem — they cannot support high-quality growth and rapidly become obsolete.
To explain this, we'd like to quote our Whitepaper:
"Despite the apparition of new technology solutions, the Bitcoin blockchain still holds only about 2,000 transactions, and it takes about 10 minutes to create a block. In 11 years, developers still did not manage to come to an agreement and implement a solution that would allow scaling the system and upgrade performance.
Most other cryptocurrencies face a similar problem. They are launched and keep operating in an almost initial state even after numerous innovative solutions become available. For example, the Ethereum network has been attempting to switch to the PoS algorithm for over two years now, but due to code complexity, security threats, and issues of reaching consensus, this causes great inconvenience."
Screenshot of a page in the UMI Whitepaper. Have you read it? It answers a lot of questions. Link.

Bitcoin itself is technically obsolete. This is besides the fact that it has a load of other problems. For instance, BTC is supposed to completely stop coin mining in 2140, meaning miners will lose motivation to support the network. What happens then? The hope is that the main source of income for miners will be transfer fees, but will they want to maintain powerful equipment for a reward in the form of small fees? If fees are big, will people want to pay those? Will they find a different solution? Will users just leave the Bitcoin ecosystem and join more high-tech cryptocurrencies like UMI?
When we designed UMI, we accounted for all these issues and launched a promising project with a conveniently scalable ecosystem. Even if UMI faces some challenges in the future, we will make amendments as the network grows. We will act as appropriate judging from the project's current status. They will be based on the situation and the current state of the project.
It's true that upgrade decisions have been and are being made by all leading crypto projects, including Bitcoin and Ethereum, but UMI supports really safe and rapid innovation. The network can be easily modified and scaled with cutting edge technology solutions. While other cryptocurrencies simply become obsolete, we can handle all kinds of challenges on the fly. The UMI network will grow and improve to be always up to date, keep up with the times, and prevent problems in 10, 100, or 1,000 years.
At this point, the UMI network is in excellent shape, and the smart contract offers you relevant and actionable staking opportunities. We've thought out every detail, and the brisk growth of our community proves it best of all.
There is no "deadly inflation"
And, lastly, let's bring an issue with supposedly too-high emission to a close. UMI is typically accused of paying a too high reward for staking — as much as 40% a month, or 5,669% a year — which no one and nothing else in this world can pay. Eventually, it might end up with inflation as it happened in Zimbabwe and Venezuela, etc.,
Let us look at real facts. Those who consider a 40% monthly growth impossible should look at bitcoin again as the most outstanding example which has proven that nothing is impossible. Imagine how many times your deposit would have grown if 10 years ago you had bought bitcoins or inexpensive mining equipment producing a reward of 50 BTC several times a day.
Please consider the following:
In March 2010, started operating as the first bitcoin exchange, and 1 BTC cost a lot less than a cent — $0.003.
At the time of writing this article, the price for 1BTC was about $12,000.
It means those who bought bitcoins 10 years ago have increased their "deposit" by nearly 400,000,000% (!!!). Four hundred million percent in ten years! This is a real fact.
Those who bought bitcoins when the price was a few cents or dollars also achieved the perfect result by increasing their "deposit" by thousand or million times.
Well, now the percentage in UMI staking doesn't seem so crazy, does it? The only difference
is that BTC "deposit" grows in line with the BTC price while UMI deposit growth is ensured the growth of the number of UMI coins, which in turn doesn't prevent the price from surging. In fact, both cases demonstrate a multiple growth of the "deposit".
All of the above is proof that the reason for inflation in Zimbabwe, Venezuela, etc is a bad economy, not a high emission. In late March. roughly speaking, in one day, the FED (U.S. Federal Reserve System) released 2.2 trillion dollars to support the economy during the coronavirus pandemic. Similar financial injections are regular in the USA, the country which is the most advanced world's economy.
These facts indicate that UMI has no "deadly issue" at all and, unlike the USA, it doesn't "print" anything.
Here is bare statistics form the UMI blockchain:
The UMI cryptocurrency was launched on June 1. Since the launch, it's been 3 months.
18,000,000 UMI coins were initially issued.
In total, there are now about 18,800,000 UMI coins.
In other words, in three months, the total number of UMI coins increased by only 4.4%. Does it look like "deadly inflation"?
In 3 months, the number of UMI coins has shown a few percent increase. Source.

Let's move on:
We'd like to reiterate that the total number of UMI coins is almost 18,800,000.
There are about 14,500,000 coins on the genesis address today.
Almost 4,000,000 coins are involved in staking.
Thus, only 300,000 UMI (!)are freely circulated on the market. The remaining 18,500,000 coins are either used in staking or have not yet been released to the market.
The number of coins stored on the genesis address at the time of writing the article. Source.

In real fact, UMI has no super-high emission. This fact has been proven. For a three-month period, which is a quarter of a year, the number of UMI has hardly changed and equals about 1.5% of the total number of coins on the market.
The truth is that UMI economy depends on a lot of factors. For example, burning 50,000 coins to create a structure. However, from a more general point of view, the UMI economic model itself is designed to encourage people to "save" rather than sell UMI coins. This is a crucial point that allows us to make progress, even with a high emission.
Moreover, it will take a billion-dollar staking structure that will be able to provide the highest possible emission on the UMI network a lot of years to appear. While it doesn't happen, all these forecasts can be regarded as irrelevant for today. Keep in mind that a 40% monthly profit will be available to the most successful structures and only after many years of development. To have your coins increased by 40% per month, your structure must have over 50 (!) times more coins than the number of coins initially generated by the network. And since this structure will do everything possible for the benefit of the UMI cryptocurrency, even 40% per month will not pose a risk to UMI's sustainable development.
Conclusions are as follows:
UMI offers no kind of "killing sky-high returns". Please don't take this myth seriously. UMI is growing. The current smart contract offers reasonable and up-to-date opportunities for UMI staking and poses no problem. If, however, a problem arises — we have all the tools to find an immediate solution. All these negative forecasts are not worth a brass farthing. They always have been and always will be. At all times and in all places. But they are highly unlikely to come true. Bitcoin outsmarted the most reputable and shrewd financial analysts. Why don't UMI, which is a lot more advanced than bitcoin, try to do the same?
UMI is a decentralized, strong, and high-tech network. It can exist the way it is now forever. But as it grows, it will improve to be always up to date, keep up with the times and prevent any problems. We are contributing to a great thing — we're creating a free economic system that will profitable for the entire human family. This is an opportunity to overcome social inequality and make regular people financially independent. So let's make every effort to make things go well. Ignore all evil-wishers and their predictions. Just join other users and go towards your dream. Then we will certainly succeed in it all.
Sincerely yours, UMI team
submitted by UMITop to u/UMITop [link] [comments]

2020.09.01 06:36 mewtwosucks96 Merry Early Christmas! - Daily Prompts September 2020

For the rest of the month, I'm going to share holiday-inspired prompts I came up with and you can respond to as many as you want to. In any order. At any time. I hope you enjoy.
Date Fandom “Title” Rating Wordcount Link (optional)
September 1st: SHAZAM! - Which is better? Being a kid or being an adult? Write an excerpt about a character (or more than one) exploring this question in some way. (300 words)
September 2nd: Yippee Ki-Yay, Mr. Falcon! - Airports can be annoying. Your character is at one and something is really ruining their day. What is it? (258 words)
September 3rd: The Snow Way Out Trilogy - Your character is feeling trapped. They want out. Is anyone gonna help? Can they handle this themselves? (300 words)
September 4th: BRILLIANT! - You reject your own nose because it represents the glitter of commercialism! OH! Why didn’t I think of that?! Anyway, here’s the prompt. Some ideas, like trying to steal Christmas, are awful. However, the idea your character has is a great one. (200 words)
September 5th: Christmas Cookies, Sugar - Today’s prompt isn’t actually about cookies, it’s about stars. That word means a lot of things. It’s another word for “celebrities,” it’s a shape, it’s a weapon used by ninja,it’s Dallas’s NHL team, it’s a thing up in space, and it’s even a sea creature. Which kind of star is your excerpt gonna be about? (100 words)
September 6th: Santy Claus is almost here. Oh, me so excited for Christmas! Me can hardly control meself! Ooh! COOKIES! - I honestly don’t like Twas The Night Before Christmas. I think it’s outdated and kind of annoying. Despite that, I watch Cookie Monster recite it every year. So, the theme for today’s prompt is hypocrisy. One of your characters has done something hypocritical. What was it and what’s gonna happen as a result? Does your character have a good reason for being this way? (200 words)
September 7th: The owner of the Seattle Supersonic-ahs - There’s more holidays near the end of the year than just Christmas. There’s Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Thanksgiving, Halloween, New Year’s Eve, Black Friday, certain people’s birthdays, and maybe some more I didn’t think of. Pick one and write an excerpt set during it, or at least about some element of it. (300 words)
September 8th: Happy Birthday! - Frosty the Snowman was a jolly happy soul, but let’s not stereotype all snowpeople. They deserve some more diverse representation in pop culture. Write an excerpt about snow coming to life (but not necessarily in a literal sense). (100 words)
September 9th: I’m The Holiday Armadillo! - Improvising can be very useful and important at times. How’s your character improvising today? Are they also adapting and overcoming, by any chance? (300 words)
September 10th: Don’t forget the European exclusive on the PS2! No! - Ooh! An unexpected visitor! Who is it? Are they welcome here? What are they gonna do? (200 words)
September 11th: A GIANT CHRISTMAS WALNUT! - All of a sudden, your character finds something awesome when they weren’t even trying to. What is it? What’s it gonna do for them? Most importantly, will it help a baby they happen to come across have a special firstest Christmas? (500 words)
September 12th: Christmas Who? - “Who” is the key word here today. Your character is meeting or learning about someone for the first time. Is this someone important or just somebody random? If it’s the second thing I said, will they become important? Also, don’t eat me cookie dough. (200 words)
September 13th: Black Christmas! - It’s time to get scary! Take that however you want. It can be a horror scene, someone pulling a prank, someone worried they’re about to get a Game Over in a really hard video game, or anything else you think is frightening. (400 words)
September 14th: A hideous gadget that I’ll never use! - Lying is bad. Very bad. In today’s excerpt, your character is choosing to be honest, like they should. Jolly Sluzzle Tag! (200 words)
September 15th: WHY WEREN’T YOU AT ELF PRACTICE?! - Your character is getting berated by someone today. Will it be because they’re being picked on for some abnormality about their body? Will it be they’re being yelled at for not coming to something important? Something else entirely? Your choice. Will there be anyone there to make them feel better? I hope. Also, for real, why weren’t you at elf practice? (300 words)
September 16th: Even The Easter Bunny started given 'em 'til Santa slapped him with a lawsuit. - Time to tell a story within a story. Your character has something important to tell the others. What is it? Bonus points if they HI-LARIOUSLY fall down in some way before they get to finish. (500 words)
September 17th: Haha! Two movies in one prompt! - Sometimes, bigger isn’t better. Small is also good at times. In today’s excerpt, something has somehow become bigger, causing some issue. (200 words)
September 18th: NOW BRING US SOME FIGGY PUDDING! - Someone is starting to get demanding. What do they want, who are they asking for it from, and are they gonna get it? (200 words)
September 19th: And I go back to December! - Lots of people have something that makes them think about the holiday season even though it wouldn’t for most people. Maybe your family has a tradition of having lasagna on Thanksgiving. Maybe there’s a certain movie you saw for the first time on Christmas Day. Either write an excerpt about what your unusual holiday thing is or have your characters talk about theirs. If you don’t want it to be about a holiday, simply doing something at an unusual time works too. (100 words)
September 20th: I love this movie, but it doesn’t have any memorable lines. - Has your character ever felt underappreciated? Well, they are today. What’s making them feel this way? Is it jealousy? Also, this is the prompt because it’s the premise of the movie and most definitely not at all a joke about how I think it’s underrated. (300 words)
submitted by mewtwosucks96 to FanFiction [link] [comments]

2020.09.01 00:33 pog99 Out Of Africa (Not) Debunked: Richard Fuerle and "Erectus Walks Among Us".

Did a blog post as a guest author a while back regarding the absurd assertions about human origins, sadly during an era when full comprehension on topics such as DNA introgression or precise routes have been left in much ambiguity. It goes over the morphological, fossil and genetic issues.
Having now read sections of the book that deal with this, boy, where to start?
  1. Argues that African Erectus, compared to Chinese/ Eurasian Erectus, was stagnant. This is despite the fact that Ergaster showed evidence of Achulean technology well before Chinese erectus, with the percentage being far more prevalent Westward than Eastward. Same with thbe Levallois toolkit.
  2. Uses the Liujang skull as evidence to debunk OOA. Conveniently, in a related argument, I brought up evidence showing that the 150k date, as oppose to the 67k date, is unlikely. As well, a scientists groups this with 100k fossils also found in China classified as Sapiens, one pointing out how Sapiens are only recently found in Northern China. This is consistent with a Southern Route.
  3. He ignores evidence of Africans and derived groups, like African Americans, have shorter torsos and narrower chests and pelvises, similar to to the trends seen in modern Homo sapiens as opposed to Archaic humans. Archaic humans from China and Europe were very wide.
  4. Data on the Sacral Index of races, where a lower one is is "ape-like" doesn't support Richard Fuerle's pattern when one sees his more recent data provided as well as measurements done in 1886.
  5. Criticizes the African Eve and "Founder effects" due to poor math and not accounting for admixture. Critics such as Nei and Templeton eventually reviewed the evidence that ultimately validated the dates and geographical origin. See a recent example from the sub-reddit that cites a replication of the Basalness of Africans.
  6. Uses Oreopithecus to make an argument about Eurasian apes being Bipedal. Said specimen is now believe to have not been ancestral or signficiantly related to the Homo Line.
  7. Ignores large evidence of technological and abstract thinking in the African Middle Stone age (Klaises Cave or Border Cave) pointing to Human modern behavior.
  8. Rarely mentions any significant tool making industry in a comprehensive manner.
  9. Alleges that Herto and Omo Kibish lacked Modern Human behavior. That is basically incorrect.
  10. Footnote comparing distances of modern human groups to neanderthal mtdna is obviously muddled. Conflates different numbers from different methods of measuring as "variable" results.
I will discuss other issues of claims from a particular source he attributes credit to.
Here and here is the work of Ronald Fonda, whose basic explanation is that modern humans originated from Eurasia, particularly developing in the North due to "Cold Winters theory". Aside from the fact that dogs were not domesticated over 100k ago, restricting our analyses of Homo Sapiens to China shows that Northern China did not have Modern Humans until very recently, around 40k. Older derived forms of humans are mainly in Southern China.
Cold Winters Theory, likewise, is based on modern IQ and brain size data. It does not, however, use direct data on Modern or ancient Hunter-gatherers to support it's inference on Hunting verses gathering for intelligence selection. Such data would refute it.
And, despite his suggestions, the fossil record doesn't support an into Africa origin of Sapiens. Early finds in the Middle East (177-194K Israel) or Greece ( 210k, but see here, here and here) were eventually replaced by Neanderthals, while Older Sapiens fossils from the Middle Stone Age (300-200k Jebel Irhoud, Eliye Spring, Guomde and formerly Florisbad {see John Hawks Blog}) were succeed by future Sapiens populations 120k-60k ( Eysai, Aterian Dar Es Soltane, Klaises River {also see here}, Border Cave, Die Kelders, Blombos, Sibudu, Diepkloof and Laetoli ).
While Eurasia may play a bigger role in Human origins than assumed (also see the Quesem Cave and Zuttiyeh), it is certainly not in the simplistic pattern argued here.
submitted by pog99 to badscience [link] [comments]

2020.08.31 18:32 IdolA31Aug1l N-ew Hu-ge Ti-ts Po-rn f-or Co-mics Popular

N-ew Hu-ge Ti-ts Po-rn f-or Co-mics Popular
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submitted by IdolA31Aug1l to u/IdolA31Aug1l [link] [comments]

2020.08.30 18:59 TheGoatPuncher Amateur tournament round-up for week 36

A new week begins, and with that new opportunities to smash noobs present themselves. Here are the tournaments you can participate in this week:
ESL Open Cup Korea #34
To be played on Monday, the 24th of August, from 09:00 UTC
Open to Any league.
Server Korean.
Prize 1st place gets $200, 2nd place $100 and 3rd place $50.
ESL Open Cup EU #34
To be played on Monday, the 24th of August, from 16:00 UTC
Open to Any league.
Server EU.
Prize 1st place gets $200, 2nd place $100 and 3rd place $50.
ESL Open Cup Americas #34
To be played on Monday, the 24th of August, from 23:00 UTC
Open to Any league.
Server Americas.
Prize 1st place gets $200, 2nd place $100 and 3rd place $50.
SCVRush Open #224
To be played on Tuesday, the 25th of August, from 17:00 UTC.
Open to Any league.
Server EU.
Prize 1st place $15, second place $5.
Shyrshadi Open #29
To be played on Friday, the 4th of September, from 00:00 UTC
Open to Any league
Server NA
Prize 1st place gets $35, 2nd place $15
Berserker Grand Master Weekly #1
To be played on Friday, the 4th of September, from 17:30 UTC.
Open to GM players.
Server EU
Prize Glory and tilted tears.
Berserker Masters Weekly #6
To be played on Friday, the 4th of September, from 17:30 UTC.
Open to Master league players.
Server EU
Prize Glory and tilted tears.
Ao Dai Weekly #50 - Currently links to the previous edition's page, will fix the link when the new challonge is available
To be played on Saturday, the 5th of September, from 12:00 UTC
Open to All SEA players who have not placed top 4 in a WCS/EPT Challenger since 2017
Server North America
Prize 1st place $20, 2nd place $10, 3rd place $5. Bonus $5 to a random Vietnamese player.
REGENERATE Open Weekly Cup #89 - Please note the linked site is in Russian
To be played on Saturday, the 5th of September, from 15:00 UTC.
Open to Any league.
Server EU.
Prize 1st place gets $36, 2nd place gets $16
Rising Stars Open 1v1
To be played on Saturday, the 5th of September, from 17:00 UTC.
Open to Players 18 years of age or younger of any league.
Server NA
Prize Glory and tears of tilt.
Legacy Weekly Japan 233 Open - Link to a previous edition's challonge, will update when the page for the new one is up.
To be played on Sunday, the 6th of August, from 12:00 UTC.
Open to Diamond and up Japanese players or Japan residents.
Server Korean.
Prize 1st place gets 4,000 yen, 2nd place 2,000 yen 3rd and 4th 1,000 yen and 5th to 8th 500 yen.
That was all folks! Please note that this list may be subject to change as necessitated by cancellations or additions.
All tournament times in UTC for consistency and readability, your date and time can and will differ depending on your timezone.
If you know of any tournament not included here, please let me know in the comments or by PM and I'll get it added promptly.
Gl hf to everyone participating in any of the above tournaments. Have a great week :)
submitted by TheGoatPuncher to starcraft [link] [comments]

2020.08.28 19:18 TheGoatPuncher PSA: Tournaments/events on the 29th of August (including some YOU can participate in!)

The weekend begins! Here's what's happening in Starcraft this Saturday:
ESL Pro Tour DreamHack SC2 Master 2020 Fall: Latin America
From 21:00 GMT / 00:00 EEST / 06:00 KST / 14:00 PDT / 17:00 EDT
The first Latin American region EPT season finals. Playoffs begin! Line-up on Liquipedia to avoid spoilers.
ESL Official Twitch - Additional streams are listed on Liquipedia
Foul Play NA Showmatch
00:00 GMT / 03:00 EEST / 09:00 KST / 17:00 PDT / 20:00 EDT
Online Show Match series for North American BroodWar players organized by Rogues Gallery. In this edition STRYKER faces off against BOA!
Rogues Gallery Twitch
Friends StarCraft League Season 2
01:00 GMT / 04:00 EEST / 10:00 KST / 18:00 PDT / 21:00 EDT
A PSISTORM Gaming family Tournament that features participants as young as 6 years old, and as old as 50. Group Stage will be played!
KJ Freeedom Twitch
2020 Global StarCraft II League Season 3
From 04:00 GMT / 07:00 EEST / 13:00 KST / 21:00 PDT / 00:00 EDT
The premier Korean professional tournament. Season 3 begins, with Group A of the first Group Stage, pitting TRAP, SPECIAL, SPEAR and SOLAR against each other!
AfreecaTV YouTube
Grand Platypus Open #39
From 08:00 GMT / 11:00 EEST / 17:00 KST / 01:00 PDT / 04:00 EDT
Weekly tournament for SEA/OCE region players. Line-up TBA but could include YOU! More details on Challonge, linked above.
Cranky Ducklings Twitch
ESL Pro Tour DreamHack SC2 Master 2020 Fall: Oceania / Rest of Asia
From 10:00 GMT / 13:00 EEST / 19:00 KST / 03:00 PDT / 06:00 EDT
The Oceania / RoA EPT region season finals. Playoffs begin! Line-up on Liquipedia to avoid spoilers.
ESL Official Twitch - Additional streams are listed on Liquipedia
OSC King of the Hill Weekly #36
From 10:00 GMT / 13:00 EEST / 19:00 KST / 03:00 PDT / 06:00 EDT
Weekly King of the Hill format pro tournament organized by OSC. Line-up TBA but expect some of the world's best!
OSC Esports Twitch
Ao Dai Weekly #49
From 12:00 GMT / 15:00 EEST / 21:00 KST / 05:00 PDT / 08:00 EDT
Weekly tournament for SEA region players. Line-up TBA but could include YOU!. More details on Challonge, linked above.
Redgunnerguy Twitch
REGENERATE Open Weekly Cup #88
From 15:00 GMT / 18:00 EEST / 00:00 KST / 08:00 PDT / 11:00 EDT
Weekly open tournament for players of all levels. Line-up TBA but could include YOU! More details on goodgame, linked above. Please note the site is in Russian.
ESL Pro Tour DreamHack SC2 Master 2020 Fall: Taiwan / Hong Kong / Macau/ Japan
From 12:30 GMT / 15:30 EEST / 21:30 KST / 05:30 PDT / 08:30 EDT
Taiwan / Hong Kong / Macau/ Japan EPT region season finals. Playoffs begin! Line-up on Liquipedia to avoid spoilers.
ESL Official Twitch - Additional streams are listed on Liquipedia
ESL Pro Tour DreamHack SC2 Master 2020 Fall: Europe
From 16:00 GMT / 19:00 EEST / 00:00 KST / 08:00 PDT / 11:00 EDT
The European region EPT season finals. REYNOR, PTITDROGO, SERRAL, SHOWTIME, CLEM, MANA, ELAZER, UTHERMAL and many more of the region's best will be playing!
ESL Official Twitch - Additional streams are listed on Liquipedia
Passioncraft Season 13
From 16:00 GMT / 19:00 EEST / 00:00 KST / 08:00 PDT / 11:00 EDT
First qualifier for the next season of the Passioncraft, the open tournament series for European players below GM. Line-up TBA but could include YOU! More details on Matcherino, linked above.
Passioncrafts Twitch
Turkish Open Cup-August 2020
From 17:00 GMT / 20:00 EEST / 02:00 KST / 10:00 PDT / 13:00 EDT
Tournament for Turkish players. Expect the best in Turkey!
Galaksi Seyahat Twitch
Monstr Invitational
19:00 GMT / 22:00 EEST / 04:00 KST / 12:00 PDT / 15:00 EDT
Invitational tournament organized by Monstr. HUPSAIYA, CALEBARACOUS, PANDABEARME, MAPLEZ and many more will be playing!
Monstr Twitch
Titanes Del Ring Nation Wars Season 2
19:00 GMT / 22:00 EEST / 04:00 KST / 11:00 PDT / 14:00 EDT
Online BroodWar league where each country is represented by its best players. The tournament continues with Bolivia vs. Peru and Canada vs. Europe!
Titanes Del Ring AfreecaTV
ESL Pro Tour DreamHack SC2 Master 2020 Fall: Latin America
From 20:10 GMT / 23:10 EEST / 05:10 KST / 13:10 PDT / 16:10 EDT
The first Latin American region EPT season finals.Playoffs begin! Line-up on Liquipedia to avoid spoilers.
ESL Official Twitch - Additional streams are listed on Liquipedia
Have At You!
From 22:00 GMT / 01:00 EEST / 07:00 KST / 15:00 PDT / 18:00 EDT
Bi-weekly Broodwar tournament series organized by SchAmToo. Line-up TBA, but expect some of the world's top names!
Schamtoo Twitch
Battle of the Americas #27
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2020.08.28 05:17 Jinzagon Display images from on RSS

I have a rss feed where I can actually display infos as title and decription. But I have no idea how to display image from there as the image is in . Here is the original codepen , and bellow a simple example of an RSS I want to fetch the image from.

Street Power Football – v1.0.12344.0

Wed, 26 Aug 2020 23:18:33 +0000" class="more-link">Continue reading Street Power Football – v1.0.12344.0

The post">Street Power Football – v1.0.12344.0 appeared first on">FitGirl Repacks.


#1540 Street Power Football v1.0.12344.0" rel="noopener">" />

Genres/Tags: Sports, Soccer, Third-person, 3D

Companies: SFL Interactive, Maximum Games

Languages: RUS/ENG/MULTI12

Original Size: 4.1 GB

Repack Size: 1.9 GB

JS that shows the feed

const RSS_URL = \`[`\`;`](`;)
.then(response => response.text())
.then(str => new window.DOMParser().parseFromString(str, "text/xml"))
.then(data => {
const items = data.querySelectorAll("item");
let html = \`;`
items.forEach(el => {
html += \`

document.body.insertAdjacentHTML("beforeend", html);
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2020.08.27 21:11 mr_tyler_durden Notes and Highlights of Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear’s Live Update August 27, 2020

Notes and Highlights of Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear’s Live Update August 27, 2020
Notes by mr_tyler_durden and Daily Update Team
Watch here:
  • 45,978 Cases (+775), 910 Deaths (+8)
  • New cases by county: 157x Jefferson, 67x Christian, 58x Warren, 46x Fayette, 25x Knox, 22x Madison, 19x Scott, 16x Green, 16x Hardin, 16x Laurel, 14x Bell, 14x Kenton, 14x Pulaski, 11x Oldham, 11x Rowan, 10x Bullitt, 10x Daviess, 10x Lewis, 10x Russell, 8x Boone, 8x Logan, 8x McCracken, 7x Campbell, 7x Jessamine, 7x Taylor, 7x Todd, 6x Franklin, 6x McCreary, 5x Adair, 5x Allen, 5x Calloway, 5x Clinton, 5x Harlan, 5x Johnson, 5x Monroe, 5x Shelby, 4x Boyle, 4x Butler, 4x Casey, 4x Crittenden, 4x Graves, 4x Harrison, 4x Henderson, 4x Jackson, 4x Owen, 4x Owsley, 4x Perry, 4x Wayne, 4x Whitley, 3x Boyd, 3x Breathitt, 3x Fulton, 3x Hopkins, 3x Larue, 3x Lawrence, 3x Mason, 3x Simpson, 3x Union, 2x Barren, 2x Bourbon, 2x Carroll, 2x Clay, 2x Cumberland, 2x Estill, 2x Fleming, 2x Greenup, 2x Hart, 2x Lincoln, 2x Meade, 2x Montgomery, 2x Nelson, 2x Rockcastle, 2x Webster, 1x Anderson, 1x Breckinridge, 1x Carlisle, 1x Clark, 1x Floyd, 1x Gallatin, 1x Garrard, 1x Grayson, 1x Henry, 1x Knott, 1x Leslie, 1x Livingston, 1x Marion, 1x McLean, 1x Ohio, 1x Pendleton
  • New deaths by county: 84 M Allen, 89 F McCracken, 75 M Warren, 84 M Barron, 70 M Hardin, 90 M Lewis, 74 M Madison, 80 F Greene
  • What's not good as a trend we're continuing to see with kids. I think I saw something online that they're still someone out there, claiming that kids don't get the virus or transmit the virus easily. Here's what I tell you, 23% of today's positives are kids 18 and under: 23%. If you've ever had a kid that’s gotten a test, because they're worried that you have it, I went through that. The questions they asked you break your heart, and the trauma that they go through is real. It's a trend we have to pay attention to.
  • And in that vein - concerning schools (Can you put up the most recent news from Mississippi?). Let's remember that our goal was to not be first, so as not to make mistakes. This article from the Clarion Ledger. Now says that there are 720 schools in Mississippi that are reporting coronavirus cases. That's 90% of all their schools that are in session. So, let's make sure that we're watching what's going on in the country around us and again that we're ensuring that we're doing our very best for those kids.
  • The CDC Director still did definitively say that people who come into contact with COVID-19 patients should get tested, said they may get tested. What's your response to that? You want them to go a little bit further? -- This is a question about CDC guidance change, they're walking it back a little bit there. But, rarely does somebody make a change and then have to say okay we were wrong and say it like that. It normally takes several steps that are back. That change in CDC guidance that they're pulling back was simply wrong. We need people who have been directly exposed, especially in high risk situations, to somebody that has had COVID to either, and potentially both, get tested, or quarantine.
  • On University Testing positivity rates, they say between 1% and 4%. Should it be safe to assume that on campus instruction should continue? -- The question is on universities and the question is on the positivity rate of the testing. I think it's got to be a little more in-depth of that. For instance, if your positivity rate is based on- I once saw there were this many people, and this many tested positive, and therefore we have this positivity rate. Well, if not everybody was tested, that's not your positivity rate. Your positivity rate is amongst those being tested. And so if you want to establish a campus positivity right you not only have to test a significant number of that campus but you’ve got to keep doing it. And then you can't do a calculation based on something two weeks ago, right? We have a seven day rolling average. So if you did a massive initial testing, and it's three weeks later and you're saying yes, but if you include the original testing- here's where our rate is, you know that doesn't work either the way that the virus spreads. Then you got to look at your density of housing, and how it could be spreading, where it's getting to. So I think I think our university and recent tests that it's okay to say it's concerning. And we're watching it carefully.
  • Would you like to see the KY Board of Education make some recommendations to KHSAA, what would you hope those would be, and what would the impact be? -- My position has not changed. The Kentucky Board of Education I think came out and said that they're not going to hold tomorrow to make any decision on canceling sports. What would I, what would I like to see from the meeting, and let me be clear, I didn't ask for the meeting to be called. I didn’t work with anybody to call the meeting whatsoever. But if this is going to be a parental choice, a superintendent choice, a principal choice, a coach choice- It's got to be based on real information. I mean, I see some waivers that are out there that say, “I assume the risk of COVID-19”. Well, do the parents signing those know the risk? And I hope everybody would say, well let's at least know what's out there and let's make sure we have it in an area where we can all hear it and we can all make that decision. So what I'd like to see is a meeting where they simply lay out all the information that's out there. So, parents, teachers, coaches, superintendents all know what we're looking at.
  • Slides from Update
Full Notes
  • Hey Virginia. Alright, it is 4 o'clock on Thursday, almost through the week, and I know at this point in our battle against COVID, the weeks can be really long. What I'd ask is, keep it up, keep wearing the mask, all the experts say it's working, not just in general they say it's working here in Kentucky. So today, I'm wearing the St. Francis School. This is in Goshen, Kentucky. They are virtual until September 28th- doing it right. Both of my kids were actually virtual today. Dad spent a little bit of time outside this office, making sure it was going really well. And I understand that it's never going to be as good as being in person but my daughter got up this morning. She dressed up. That's something as parents we maybe haven't done but so excited to see friends, to see teachers, and we'll get back to in person. We want it to be safe but let's remember that just because we're not as excited as parents about distance learning, our kids can still be getting a lot out of it.
  • Let's start with the first four, the fast four at four. We've got some good news today and we want to have some good news as we go through these weeks. The first piece of good news is jobs and then the second piece is about infrastructure. So even with COVID-19 and significant short-term unemployment, we are seeing long-term investments in the Commonwealth that are going to create jobs long after this pandemic is over. It's a chance to emerge stronger from this, and to make sure that when we're able to move out of COVID, we don't crawl; we don't walk; we run into our future. So we have three significant economic development projects to announce today. These projects: one in the eastern part of the state, one in the central part of the state, and one in the western, promised to create approximately 250 full time jobs for Kentucky residents, good jobs too.
  • So let's start with Clermont Distilling, news for Kentucky’s signature bourbon industry. Kentuckian and well known developer Lee Wilburn, of Louisville's CrossPath Group, plans to build a new distillery project in Bullitt county called Clermont Distilling. The project has the potential for exciting additional development in the future. Today Team Kentucky approved initial incentives for his distillery. That first phase includes a $13.4 million investment that promises to create 22 full time jobs for Kentucky residents. These operations and management jobs are expected to pay an average hourly wage of $56, including benefits. It's important we continue to attract and create well paying jobs for Kentuckians across the state. I want to thank Lee and his team for recognizing that paying good wages strengthens families and communities, and he is helping us to build back in an even better way. It'll be located right off interstate 65 at the Clermont Bardstown exit spanning 15 acres along Kentucky 245 leading to Bardstown. Construction is scheduled to begin in the spring of 2021. Lee- exciting project, thanks for creating good jobs. I'm sure it's going to be an amazing bourbon, and I look forward to trying it out when it's ready.
  • Alright, HVAC Distributing - in Graves County, we have an expansion of an existing company and a major employer for the Western Kentucky region. HVAC Distributing LLC is expanding with a $7 million investment that will create 175 full time jobs right there in Western Kentucky in the coming years. And let me tell you how important that is. I remember visiting Dawson Springs the last time that I was out a place that I loved very much. And I remember being struck when somebody came and said, “Just give us one new factory”. That's just what 175 jobs can mean to a community. Now Dawson is not in Graves County, but understand that in places that we have not seen enough jobs recently, 175 new jobs over the coming year can be transformational. The company is adding a second facility in the Hickory Industrial Park with a purchase of a spec building that will serve as a warehousing operation. The added space will help the company meet growing demand for its distribution of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning products for well known brands such as Mr Cool and Geo Cool just to name a couple.
    • The company was originally established to support its sister company Ingram's water and air equipment, also in Hickory, and has expanded and diversified its business over recent years. We welcome this new HVAC distributing location HVAC, as the latest in a key industry in Kentucky. Currently Kentucky has more than 540 distribution and logistics facilities in the state, an industry that employs nearly 75,000 Kentuckians has become more important than ever during this pandemic.
  • Next one is one that I know. Rocky was involved in. (Rocky, give me a pronunciation: Danieli.) Next is to congratulate the Danieli Corporation, which plans to open a 61 job facility in Ashland. Ashland, and this area, has been hit hard. We've seen closings of a number of plants. And this, actually in one of those former plants is an exciting new opportunity that shows that there is not just hope, but there is a future reality with new and good jobs. This company will repair, refurbish, and remanufacture steel mill equipment. The company plans to invest more than $12M into the existing facility at the former AK steel campus. You know, I know people driving past look at that AK steel campus and it hurts. It really hurts in that region, when you think about the number of jobs and what that loss meant. You know what? This is building it back a little bit, isn't just offering hope- it's actually providing results. The operation is projected to open in late 2021, and this company is a great fit for Ashland in northeast Kentucky, given the workforce expertise in the metals industry. Danieli group is based in Italy and operates multiple facilities globally employing more than 10,000 people. We're getting a big-time company in Ashland, Kentucky. I look forward to celebrating the opening of this facility with company executives who I talked to, as they were touring the facility, I was remote, the way I'm trying to do everything right now in this age of COVID but I'm very excited about their commitment to the region. I think they're going to be very successful. And when I told them it is, I hope the 61 jobs are just the start and I think there is that opportunity.
  • So, in creating a bigger, brighter better future, and making sure that everybody can compete for these jobs, you have to have the critical infrastructure that's necessary. Now we've been talking about broadband a lot. Critical infrastructure necessary for education and for jobs in the future. But there are still needs when it comes to water and wastewater. Those can be industrial or they can just be everybody's right. I believe God-given right to clean drinking water and a safe wastewater facility. So today we're announcing an exciting project that showcases the hard work of our local communities and will spur economic growth.After nearly five years of hard work today the city of Auburn and Logan County fiscal court officially broke ground on the Auburn wastewater treatment plant expansion. The current facility has not been upgraded in roughly 30 years, and it’s been a big limit on their potential economic growth. The project was funded by a $1.5M Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) through the Department for local government. Upon completion, the capacity expansion will encourage greater economic growth, residential expansion, and industry development in the area- creates better possibilities. It'll also better serve Champion Pet Foods, a great company, an important community partner who's invested millions of dollars and created approximately 200 jobs to date. Grants are not money given. They’re earned. It means you don't just have an idea, you don't just have a plan, but you can deliver and create a better life for your citizens. Took a good idea and years of hard work to make this happen. At a time when we're trying to thoughtfully rebuild our communities, while keeping people safe from COVID. I'm glad this project is underway. Thanks to everybody who made this project possible. You showed the tenacity of Team Kentucky, and we couldn't do it without you.
  • All right, next up - testing. We have to keep it up. As you all may have seen, the CDC looks like they're gonna walk back some of the guidance changes that they made just the other day- meaning, everybody needs to be tested and tested regularly. If you're willing to do it, you should be willing to do it. I think I was tested just yesterday and that's probably seven or eight times, I'm sure my nose would remember. It's so important. If we want to be able to do the things we want to do, we've got to identify who has COVID, who is asymptomatic - prevent its spread. And if we had the level of testing that we all dream about now, we have a heck of a lot more than many of us could have ever imagined at the beginning of this, but if we can continue to build our levels, then there is an opportunity to do more things and to do them safely. Let's go through a couple of our testing locations because they're not all being filled. And I know that there are folks out there who want to test so we got to connect those that want it with some of the places that they can go through.
    • So let's start at the Louisville locations. So, UofL Health, not all of these are being filled up; we could have more certainly in the Bullitt County center. But again, there is both a number (502-588-0414) on this, and they've added a website. This allows you to sign up for an appointment on the website ( The state is providing these tests, we are paying for the administration- Please, as a citizen, make sure that you are using them. Results should come back in about 48 hours. That's our agreement with the lab that's there, so if your other choice is a testing site that takes longer than that, use this one.
    • Let's go to Norton. This is our partnership with Norton healthcare I think they're doing about 700 a day. This one is going really well, but again we have some excess capacity. Want to thank Norton for not charging the state anything- anything for administering the tests. It is a community service by them and we were proud when other testing supplies were running out to be a part of this partnership.
    • Let’s do Lexington. Okay, so Kroger health is actually ending this week, so that I believe it's ending today. But there is the other UK testing site that we do not have enough signups for right now. We have excess capacity at these locations. There are actually two locations. If you go online to choose from at least one of the locations, we didn't really have all that many folks come yesterday or sign up, so we can and we should do more.
    • And then Northern Kentucky two locations all drive thru- very easy, none of these cost you a thing. Free. We work really hard to get results back in 48 hours so it's the cheapest because it's free, it's the fastest, and it means that you can know whether you have this virus. Keep yourself and others around you safe. (And if you'll just go to the full testing slide.) If you're not in one of these areas, and these are just high volume areas, that's why we keep using those, there are locations all over Kentucky. Make sure that you go to them.
  • Finally, on our fast four- vote. Please vote. You can be requesting an absentee ballot right now. I think it's over 100,000 that have already been requested. If you're nervous about COVID- If you live in a house like I do with somebody with a pre-existing condition or you have one yourself. If you are around folks at work or relatives that you're helping out that could be susceptible, go online to and request your absentee ballot. This is the bedrock principle of democracy. While some of the rhetoric right now and in the elections is, I will say it's concerning, the vote, that's how you make your voice heard. You want a better country where hopefully we can all come together and not be so divided, your chance is voting. If you think things are moving in a right or wrong direction your chance to impact that is voting. If you believe that you haven't been heard, your opportunity is voting. If we think about core duties as citizens, this is certainly one of them so please, please, please, go vote.
  • Alright, want to move in to our report from today,
  • Positive cases today: 775 - It's, again tracking about what we've seen the last several weeks. Ever think we'd be to the point where we'd say, we're at a plateau, which were not happy about, but it's better than the alternative? 775 new cases wouldn't sound abnormal? It means that we do have to push to have fewer cases, but it does show that we are doing a lot of testing. 775 new cases once we do the daily removal of duplicates, so that our data is as accurate as I think anybody out there.
  • Probable cases: 3,809
  • Total confirmed cases: 45,978
  • Children Under 18: 130- What's not good as a trend we're continuing to see with kids. I think I saw something online that they're still someone out there, claiming that kids don't get the virus or transmit the virus easily. Here's what I tell you, 23% of today's positives are kids 18 and under: 23%. If you've ever had a kid that’s gotten a test, because they're worried that you have it, I went through that. The questions they asked you break your heart, and the trauma that they go through is real. It's a trend we have to pay attention to.
    • 11 high school-aged kids in Warren County today. Some of them are 18 so I guess they could be college students too, but if they're high school students, 11 kids in one county alone. Again I hope that contact tracing is going fast because that school system is open right now. And for those that think by reading this off I'm picking on them. I'm not. I want those kids to be safe- I hope when y'all hear this that you can jump on it as quickly as you can and make it as safe of an environment but I think we had up to 25 yesterday, if I'm right, over four days this would make about 36 kids between 6 and 18, just in one county over four or five days. I mean it's a real concern and my heart goes out to that county and what they are still dealing with.
  • New cases by county: 157x Jefferson, 67x Christian, 58x Warren, 46x Fayette, 25x Knox, 22x Madison, 19x Scott, 16x Green, 16x Hardin, 16x Laurel, 14x Bell, 14x Kenton, 14x Pulaski, 11x Oldham, 11x Rowan, 10x Bullitt, 10x Daviess, 10x Lewis, 10x Russell, 8x Boone, 8x Logan, 8x McCracken, 7x Campbell, 7x Jessamine, 7x Taylor, 7x Todd, 6x Franklin, 6x McCreary, 5x Adair, 5x Allen, 5x Calloway, 5x Clinton, 5x Harlan, 5x Johnson, 5x Monroe, 5x Shelby, 4x Boyle, 4x Butler, 4x Casey, 4x Crittenden, 4x Graves, 4x Harrison, 4x Henderson, 4x Jackson, 4x Owen, 4x Owsley, 4x Perry, 4x Wayne, 4x Whitley, 3x Boyd, 3x Breathitt, 3x Fulton, 3x Hopkins, 3x Larue, 3x Lawrence, 3x Mason, 3x Simpson, 3x Union, 2x Barren, 2x Bourbon, 2x Carroll, 2x Clay, 2x Cumberland, 2x Estill, 2x Fleming, 2x Greenup, 2x Hart, 2x Lincoln, 2x Meade, 2x Montgomery, 2x Nelson, 2x Rockcastle, 2x Webster, 1x Anderson, 1x Breckinridge, 1x Carlisle, 1x Clark, 1x Floyd, 1x Gallatin, 1x Garrard, 1x Grayson, 1x Henry, 1x Knott, 1x Leslie, 1x Livingston, 1x Marion, 1x McLean, 1x Ohio, 1x Pendleton
  • Christian County was hit, at one point, hard early significant number of cases today. Knox County with 25, we'd seen that creeping up again showing that you can have a small number of cases and it balloons really fast because that's how this virus works. And as much as we can argue with the rules and the rest you can't argue with the virus it spreads the way that it spreads, and it is aggressive.
  • Total tests conducted: 848,937 (PCR: 789,076, Serology: 46,538)
  • Positivity Rate: 4.80% - That's good
  • Total hospitalized: 4,501
  • Currently hospitalized: 573
  • Total in ICU: 1,368
  • Currently in ICU: 154
  • On a ventilator: 88- fighting for their life on a ventilator. Let's make sure we think about those folks.
  • Total recovered: 9,731
  • New deaths today: 8
  • Total Deaths: 910
  • New deaths by county: 84 M Allen, 89 F McCracken, 75 M Warren, 84 M Barron, 70 M Hardin, 90 M Lewis, 74 M Madison, 80 F Greene
  • Let’s make sure that we light our homes up green and ring those bells. There is an amazing woman who works down at the Secretary of State's office that walks in this rotunda every day. Rings her Bell 120 times- one for each county- making sure that she is paying homage to the loss that is out there, everywhere, let's make sure we continue to do the same.
  • Racial breakdown of all cases: 79.21% Caucasian, 12.59% Black or African-American, 1.91% Asian, 5.71% Multiracial
  • Ethnicity breakdown of all cases: 87.48% non-Hispanic and 12.52% Hispanic
  • Racial breakdown of all deaths: 82.61% Caucasian, 13.67% Black or African-American, 1.32% Asian, 2.40% Multiracial
  • Ethnicity breakdown of all deaths: 96.26% non-Hispanic and 3.74% Hispanic
  • Long Term Care Facilities: 43 new residents and 38 new staff positive from yesterday, and 2 new resident deaths, 3 new facilities
    • Total facilities: 300
    • Total deaths: 531
    • Total recovered: 3859
    • Active cases: 607 residents, 351 staff
    • Total cases: 3374 residents, 1974 staff
  • K-12 Update (PDF): 26 new students and 3 new faculty/staff positive from yesterday, 22 new schools.
    • Total facilities: 96
    • Total recovered: 100
    • Active cases: 85 students, 31 faculty/staff
    • Total cases: 175 students, 41 faculty/staff
  • This is one I- We're going to give because people need this information and today's hurts. 26 new students since yesterday, tested positive that are associated with the school district. That doesn't mean that they are in school. That's important to note. That doesn't mean it's a school district that is in school, actually a whole lot of them are not. So I want to make sure I clarify that and even though I've clarified, somebody will say that, but 26 new students, three new teachers. 22 new schools. So, again, widespread, very difficult to contain. This is why we've asked for schools to wait until September 28. We've got a positivity rate that's coming down. We continue to wear masks. I think we can see a decline in cases, if we continue to push hard and then if we make good decisions about the activities that we engage in.
  • University Update (PDF): 11 new students and 1 new faculty/staff positive from yesterday, 2 new schools
    • Total facilities: 19
    • Total recovered: 263
    • Active cases: 319 students, 10 faculty/staff
    • Total cases: 550 students, 42 faculty/staff
  • And in that vein - schools (Can you put up the most recent news from Mississippi?). Let's remember that our goal was to not be first, so as not to make mistakes. This article from the Clarion Ledger. Now says that there are 720 schools in Mississippi that are reporting coronavirus cases. That's 90% of all their schools that are in session. So, let's make sure that we're watching what's going on in the country around us and again that we're ensuring that we're doing our very best for those kids.
  • We’ve got a recovery story today. It's pretty personal. We're all thrilled here in the Capitol, that there has been a good recovery. So I'm gonna ask my friend Rocky Atkins to come up and talk about his Dad.
  • (Rocky Atkins takes over.) Well, thank you, Governor, and I appreciate the opportunity to bring the good news report today. I've reported to you all in this rotunda about a week or so ago, about my father who had contracted COVID-19. I'm happy to report today that after nearly two weeks in the hospital, and one week at Cardinal Health, I'm happy to report that yesterday he was able to return home. Back to the left hand metal fork. My son Brandon, who I want to report on as well, I reported that he had tested positive also. My son Brandon caught the virus, without question, from my father. My son Brandon is doing great. He's not had side effects of any serious nature, stopped up head a little bit but you can see he's a pretty stout young man there and I'm proud of both of those fellows. You can see my dad there and, and my son both, and I’m so happy to have this good report. You remember that I mentioned that we need to check out our neighbors. I'm thoroughly convinced that if not for my son, that my dad would have probably lost his life to this virus. You see the reason my son caught the virus, was because he had to carry my dad to bed, he had to help him get up, he put his clothes on him for about a 24 hour period, he laced his shoes up for him, he helped him get in the truck, taking to the hospital, so you can see why he may have caught the virus. Not only did Brandon test positive, but he was the one that took my dad to the hospital at St Clair Medical Center on August the 6th, but he was also the one that picked up my father yesterday, August the 26th, to return him home. It was a pretty good reunion. And one of the most beautiful sights I've seen is seeing troopers, not abiding by the speed limit exactly, trying to get to Cardinal Hill on time yesterday to watch my father come through the door of Cardinal Hill with my son behind him, was a pretty, pretty happy time for all of us to be very honest.
  • I want to take this opportunity to thank all of the frontline workers across Kentucky. I want to thank all of the medical experts that are on the frontline every day. And when I say the medical profession, I'm talking about the people that fix the meals and keep the facility clean, from the nurses to the folks that do the rehab, all of those individuals that are a part of that I want to say thank you for the effort that you put out for my father to help him return home as yesterday. I want to thank the people of Kentucky. I guarantee you, I received thousands of messages and different ways of communication, offering their thoughts and prayers for my father and my family. I want to tell the people of Kentucky I'm very, very appreciative of that.
  • My dad was very blessed to be able to return home yesterday, even though he's still on oxygen, and I understand, Dr. Stack, that maybe six to eight weeks of his lungs healing from this terrible virus, that potentially he may get off of that oxygen, and I think he will. But even as he returned home yesterday, folks. There's 910 people that's not returning home, 910 people that have lost their life to COVID-19. And I say that not to bring a cloud over how happy and how blessed we are to have my father back home. I say that to continue to bring the type of recognition to those individuals and those families, but to bring the recognition of just how serious this virus really is.
  • And I would like to say as that old coach, that old school teacher, to give you that locker room talk one more time. “We're in this together. This is a team effort. This is not an effort to divide people across Kentucky. This is an effort where we got to come together to defeat this virus. While we may get frustrated at times, and disagree at times, it's still an effort that we've got to come together as team Kentucky to defeat”.
  • So as I give that update and when I labeled this as the “good news report”, the governor mentioned three projects today to bring jobs to help the economy. And one of those that he mentioned as an economic expansion was a project in Ashland, Kentucky. Man where we've lost jobs in the economy has been hurt. And today we bring a good report, not only about my father in that part of Kentucky, but we bring a good report for a company who are bringing new jobs, and the opportunity to grow those jobs in the future.
  • So governor I appreciate this opportunity. We're in this together. Let's win this battle and if my dad could stand up here today he could give you one of the most motivational talks you've ever had in your life, he would bring the people of Kentucky in one locker room. Like he has done so many times, from the locker room to the classroom to say, “Let's be on this team together. Let's whip this virus. And let's stay as one team, Team Kentucky.” Thank you Governor.
  • (Governor Beshear takes back over.) All right, let's close out with a little more good news about people doing the right things out there and then we'll move into questions. It's Thursday. I don't think anybody would be upset if we finished just a little early. Again, wearing a mask. Wearing a facial covering. One of the most important things you can do. Again, if you are wanting to get back to different things, if you want to make sure we can continue to do things, we're doing right now. This is absolutely critical.
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2020.08.26 00:50 postmaster_ru Как погибли Помпеи. Часть 2. (Пожалуй, наиболее полный и, разумеется, крайне интересный рассказ о гибели города на русском языке.)

Как погибли Помпеи. Часть 2. (Пожалуй, наиболее полный и, разумеется, крайне интересный рассказ о гибели города на русском языке.)
Ссылка на первую часть - здесь.

Когда на самом деле погибли Помпеи?

И почему «официальную» дату 24 августа 79 года современные исследователи ставят под сомнение?
В прошлом материале мы написали сакраментальную фразу «Извержение, как известно, началось 24 августа 79 года». Так считали с XV века, но исследования последних 25 лет поставили под сомнение эту дату. Античные источники (например, Иосиф Флавий и Светоний) не сообщают даты извержения Везувия, а упоминают лишь в правление какого императора это произошло, – Тита. А Тит, или Тит Флавий Веспасиан, вступил в единоличное властвование после смерти своего отца, императора Веспасиана, 24 июня 79 года. Правда, Дион Кассий через сто лет мимоходом сообщает в своей «Римской истории» (кн. 66, 21), что страшное событие в Кампании случилось «в самом конце лета» [1]. Так какая же дата извержения «правильная»?
Дата в письмах Плиния Младшего
Изначально историки основывались на дате извержения из писем Плиния Младшего Тациту, что упоминались нами ранее. Они были написаны через четверть века после грандиозной катастрофы, и, конечно, автор не мог перепутать сезон, когда она произошла. Более того, Плиний очень серьезно относился к своему эпистолярному наследию и сам готовил обширную переписку к публикации, скомпоновав письма в 10 книг. В свою очередь, этот сборник делят на две части. В первую входят книги с I по IX. Они содержат письма друзьям и знакомым, и Плиний публиковал эти книги между 97 и 109 годами. А вот вторая часть состоит всего из одной книги – X. В 110 году Плиний Младший был назначен легатом римской провинции Вифиния и Понт. С этого времени он вёл активную переписку с императором Траяном. И именно эти письма вошли в X том, который автор хоть и привёл в порядок, но обнародовать не планировал
Тем не менее, все десять книг с письмами Плиния Младшего дошли до настоящего времени. Естественно, до изобретения книгопечатания они существовали в рукописной традиции. Наиболее полным собранием писем Плиния Младшего считается так называемая Медицейская рукопись, или Codex Laurentianus Mediceus, IX века. Первое же печатное издание появилось в 1481 году, но, увы, лишь 122 писем из 375. Затем в течение 30 лет производились другие публикации, количество новых писем в этих изданиях увеличивалось. Пока в 1508 году венецианский книгопечатник Альд Мануций (Старший) не выпустил полное издание писем Плиния в 10 книгах.
Виды Помпей. Фото: Parco Archeologico di Pompei.
Интересующие нас письма, что содержат информацию об извержении вулкана в Кампании, имеют номера 16 и 20 и входят в VI книгу. О дне, когда началось извержение, Плиний сообщает в 16 письме. Общеупотребительным считается вариант «Nonum kal. Septembres hora fere septima mater mea indicat ei adparere nubem inusitata et magnitudine et specie» – «В девятый день до сентябрьских календ, часов около семи, мать моя показывает ему на облако, необычное по величине и по виду» [2]. Дата в 16 письме была указана в римской традиции – nonum kal. Septembres, то есть, за 9 дней до календ (первого числа) сентября, 24 августа. Но есть сомнения в правильном прочтении этого стандартного сокращения. А возможно, что напутали переписчики предыдущих столетий, с рукописей которых печатали сборник. Некоторые рукописи не содержат названия месяца, а лишь «nonum kal.» или «non. kal.». В одной, ныне утерянной, появляется и вовсе «III non(as) Novembr(es)». Таким образом, «девятый день от календ сентября» не является абсолютно точной датой. Кстати, книги «Истории» Тацита, для которой он просил информацию у Плиния Младшего, до нас, увы, не дошли. Вполне вероятно, что извержение Везувия произошло не в конце лета, а в середине осени.
Осенние плоды и тёплая одежда на погибших
В пользу «осенней» версии говорят найденные во время раскопок в домах фрукты, орехи и оливки, которые созревают осенью. А летние фрукты, такие как инжир или финики, уже были высушены.
На осенний прохладный сезон указывают и детали быта, а точнее особенности античного «отопительного сезона». Большинство помпейцев отапливали нужные помещения переносными жаровнями. С помощью гипокауста – так называли полые пространства под полами и в стенах, куда нагнетался воздух из котельных, в Помпеях отапливались преимущественно общественные бани. Далеко не каждому античному домовладельцу такое тепло было по карману. Понятно, что летом обогревать дома не требовалось, поэтому находка в жилых зонах жаровен, как и тёплая одежда на погибших, могут свидетельствовать о холодном времени года.
Бронзовая жаровня из терм Помпей на выставке \"Боги. Люди. Герои\" в Государственном Эрмитаже. Фото: Юлли Улетова.
На эти находки, не соответствовавшие предполагаемому сезону катастрофы, первым обратил внимание неаполитанский археолог (а также епископ Поццуоли, профессор местного колледжа и член Академии Геркуланума) Карло Мария Росини в издании 1797 года «Dissertationis isagogicae ad Herculanensium voluminum explanationem pars prima». Исходя из этих данных, он предложил иную запись даты извержения Везувия в письме Плиния Младшего как «nonum kal(endas) Decembres», то есть, «за 9 дней до календ декабря», 23 ноября.
В 1879 году управляющий Помпей археолог Микеле Руджеро опубликовал сборник «Pompei e la regione sotterrata dal Vesuvio nell'anno LXXIX. Memorie e notizie pubblicate dall'ufficio tecnico degli scavi delle provincie meridionali». В нём сообщалось о находках осенних плодов и остатков урожая винограда, а также о гипсовой отливке части ствола дерева. Полость от него длиной почти 350 см была обнаружена у Стабианских ворот. Специалисты определили видовую принадлежность дерева – Laurus nobilis, то есть лавр благородный. В момент гибели дерево уже плодоносило, что могло произойти не раньше октября-ноября.
На сельскохозяйственной вилле в Боскореале сохранились сосуды с молодым вином. А сбор урожая виноградников в Помпеях, как в античные времена, так и в наши дни происходит обычно осенью. Сейчас на вновь культивируемых виноградниках Помпей собирают около 30 тонн винограда. И Праздник урожая с представлением помпейского вина под названием «Вилла Мистерий» проходит там во второй половине октября.
Сосуды для созревания вина-долии на сельскохозяйственной вилле в Боскореале. Фото: Parco Archeologico di Pompei.
В 2015 году об этих и новых подобных находках напомнил другой известный итальянский археолог – Антонио Де Симоне. Он работал в Помпеях, Геркулануме, Стабиях и Мореджине, но сейчас более известен по участию в раскопках так называемой «Виллы Августа» на западном склоне Везувия. Именно на мнении Де Симоне ориентировался популяризатор науки писатель Альберто Анджела, когда писал книгу «Три дня Помпей» об извержении Везувия 79 года. Книга вышла в 2014 году.
Монета из Дома Золотого Браслета указывает на осень
В 1974 году при раскопках роскошной городской виллы в Западной инсуле были найдены останки погибшей семьи из четырёх человек: двух взрослых и двух детей. На руке женщины был браслет из чистого золота весом в 610 грамм. Мужчина имел при себе деревянный ящичек с крупной суммой денег. Нет никакого сомнения, что это были не рабы, а, вероятно, владельцы дома. Украшение дамы и дало название всему владению – Дом Золотого Браслета.
В начале XXI века был опубликован состав клада из ящичка: 40 золотых ауреусов, 172 серебряных денария и 1 медный квадранс, – огромнейшая сумма в 1172 динария или 4688 сестерциев. В 2018 году в Помпеях нашли одну из последних жертв извержения Везувия – хромого мужчину с кожаным мешочком, полным мелких монет на общую сумму в 22 сестерция. На эти деньги семья из трёх человек могла питаться примерно три недели. В ящичке из Дома Золотого Браслета находилось в 200 с лишним раз больше и, как мы бы сейчас сказали, «крупными купюрами». Очевидно, что медная монетка, размером похожая на ауреус, попала туда случайно – хозяин резиденции не собирался отягощать свою ношу медной мелочью.
Особый интерес исследователей вызвали два денария Тита, один из которых содержит легенду IMP TITVS CAES VESPASIAN AVG P M / TR P Villi IMP XV COS VII P P. Важным здесь является уточнение IMP XV – впервые Тит был провозглашён императором, то есть, победоносным полководцем, в 70 году – за взятие Иерусалима во время Первой Иудейской войны. За следующие девять лет Тит ещё 13 раз получал титул императора (но не правителя Римской империи) за успешные военные действия. Своего отца, императора Веспасиана, он сменил на троне ровно за месяц до «летней» даты извержения Везувия – 24 июня 79 года.
Когда же Тит получил пятнадцатый титул императора – IMP XV? В Британском музее хранится военный диплом, выданный солдату в отставке в Римском Египте «за шесть дней до сентябрьских ид» – ADV IDVS SEPT, то есть, 8 сентября 79 года. И в титулатуре Тита там прямо указано – IMP XIIII. Известно также послание императора Тита властям Мунигуа в Бетике от 7 сентября 79 года с той же титулатурой. Значит, императором в 15-й раз Тит стал после 8 сентября, и находка денария однозначно свидетельствует в пользу «осенней» версии.
Клад из Дома Золотого Браслета на выставке «Tesori sotto i lapilli» в Антиквариуме Помпей. Фото: Parco Archeologico di Pompei.
Однако два специалиста – Тереза Джове из Неапольского археологического музея и Ричард Абди из Британского музея – выступили против такой однозначной интерпретации. Оба указали на плохую сохранность монеты, что давало широту толкования легенды на ней. Кроме того, Абди написал целую статью о правильной, на его взгляд, идентификации легенды на денарии Тита из Дома Золотого Браслета – он датирует его выпуск июлем или августом 79 года. И да, это мнение опровергает уже растиражированный взгляд на данную монету как на неопровержимое доказательство «осенней» версии.
Интересный момент: уже упоминавшийся Альберто Анджела в популярной итальянской телепередаче «Superquark» в 2007 году приводит денарий Тита как ещё один плюс в пользу осеннего извержения Везувия. Но в 2014 году в книге «Три дня Помпей», суммируя все известные на момент её издания свидетельства «осенней» версии, Анжела оговаривается, что чтение легенды этой монеты не так уж однозначно, чтобы считать её неопровержимым доказательством.
Роза ветров тоже за осень
В начале 2008 года интересное исследование [3] было опубликовано в Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research. Его авторы в сотрудничестве с тогдашним директором Антиквариума Боскореале археологом Грете Стефани обратили внимание на розу ветров региона. Данные нескольких метеостанций, собранные исследователями, свидетельствуют, что с октября по июнь ветры на большой высоте (20-40 км) в этом регионе дуют преимущественно на восток, северо-восток и – реже – юго-восток. В летний период направление ветров меняется на западное. Казалось бы, как эта информация может помочь в определении времени извержения вулкана две тысячи лет назад? А ведь именно от ветров зависит направление рассеивания лёгких продуктов извержения – пепла, тефры, лапилли и др. Их следы отмечаются при раскопках. Археологи и вулканологи учитывают всё: состав, цвет, толщину слоя каждого вида так называемых «депозитов». По дальности обнаружения следов от каждого извержения можно определить направление ветров в течение катастрофы.
Карта распределения вулканических отложений Соммы-Везувия за последние 25 тысяч лет. Извержению 79 года соответствует (6), 472 года – (7), 1631 года – (8). Rolandi et al., 2008.
Во время извержений Везувия в ноябре 472 и декабре 1631 годов ветра дули на северо-восток, что согласуется с данными археологических и вулканологических исследований и розой ветров региона. Во время катастрофы 79 года ветра над Везувием должны были относить пепел в западную от него сторону – в направлении Неаполя, Путеоли и, главное, Мизена, где находился Плиний Младший. Но и его письма, и археологические данные свидетельствуют о другом – все три дня извержения пепел и лапилли несло на юго-восток, в Мизен пришло лишь облако после схода одного из пирокластических потоков. Следовательно, извержение в 79 году, скорее всего, произошло в осенне-зимний период, а не летом. Правда, вопрос, не изменилась ли роза ветров за два тысячелетия, остался без ответа.
Соус гарум «указывает» на август
Уже в конце 2008 года руководитель Лаборатории научно-прикладных исследований Помпей Аннамария Чаралло поделилась с прессой результатами изучения находок из раскопок дома Умбриция Скавра. Этот человек был одним из крупнейших производителей рыбных соусов в Помпеях и окрестностях, в том числе самого известного соуса – гарума. Его именные керамические сосуды с соусами находили и в Геркулануме. Семь таких же амфор с рыбным соусом обнаружили при раскопках и в его доме в Помпеях.
Рыбные соусы изготавливались довольно просто. В специальных резервуарах чередовали слои душистых трав, таких как кориандр, фенхель, сельдерей, мята и орегано, рыбьих потрохов и соли, добавляя при желании оливковое масло, уксус или даже вино. Количество слоёв зависело от глубины резервуара. После его заполнения содержимому давали постоять недели три, регулярно перемешивая. Когда все слои превращались в однородную массу, её сцеживали, и выделенная жидкость – тот самый рыбный соус – разливалась по длинным узким амфорам. На горло амфоры наносили надпись: что внутри и кто произвёл.
Пустые сосуды для гарума из лавки в I районе Помпей. Фото: Parco Archeologico di Pompei.
Сотрудники помпейской лаборатории под руководством Чаралло смогли определить, какую промысловую рыбку использовали для изготовления гарума в последнее лето жизни Помпей. Это оказался бопс (boops boops), его ещё называют полосатиком или большеглазым боопсом. В Тирренском море бопса ловили в июле-начале августа, и через месяц он уже в виде рыбного соуса стоял в лавках и термополиях Помпей. Таким образом, по гипотезе Чаралло и её коллег, находка в доме Скавра подтверждает версию августовского извержения Везувия. В интервью The Times синьора также не забыла напомнить, что «вся исследованная пыльца из Помпей принадлежит 350 видам летних растений».
Угольное граффито в новых раскопках, кажется, сделано осенью
Последняя находка среди целого списка доказательств «осенней» версии появилась на свет в октябре 2018 года. В конце 2017 года в Помпеях начались новые раскопки. В некотором роде такое решение было принято вынужденно – археологический парк сильно страдает от ливней, часто они размывают грунт в ещё нераскопанных частях Помпей и вызывают обрушения уже открытых домов. Большой участок в V районе, лишь частично раскопанный ещё в XIX веке, был выбран неслучайно. Он находится как бы на «границе» между зоной, доступной для осмотра туристами, и засыпанной Везувием частью Помпей. Руководство археологического парка планировало окончательно раскопать начатые ещё в прошлых веках дома, соединить две параллельные улицы небольшим переулком и лучше укрепить грунт в этом районе.
Новые раскопки принесли массу находок и открытий. Но особенно интересной с точки зрения археологов стала надпись углём в одном из вновь раскопанных домов. Владельцы Дома с садом (такое получило название это городское владение) на момент извержения вулкана проводили в некоторых помещениях ремонт. В одной из комнат, где мастера успели лишь оштукатурить стены, было обнаружено угольное граффито.
Угольное граффито из Дома с садом. Фото: Parco Archeologico di Pompei.
Надпись специалисты Помпей прочли как «XVI (ante) K(alendas) Nov(embres) in[d]ulsit pro masumis esurit[ioni]». XVI (ante) K(alendas) Nov(embres), то есть, «в 16 день до ноябрьских календ». Вряд ли угольный след мог бы продержаться целый год на стене, да и ремонт был бы закончен, сочли в Помпеях и представили находку как сделанную в октябре 79 года. Этого, разумеется, не могло быть, если бы извержение состоялось 24 августа. Содержание же надписи сообщает, что некто в указанную дату (17 октября) предавался обжорству.
Однако чуть позже в прессе появились и другие чтения надписи. Твиттер Археологического парка Помпей опубликовал вариант доцента университета Пизы Джулии Амманнати: «IN OLEARIA / PROMA SUMSERUNT [...]». По мнению автора интерпретации, это значит, что в ту же дату нечто (это слово стёрто) было взято из кладовой с оливковым маслом. Третий вариант представил независимый исследователь Пьер Луиджи Туччи. Правда, заметка почти сразу была удалена, поскольку, по словам Туччи, она вызвала слишком экспрессивные комментарии. Его интерпретация практически указывала на дату извержения: «XVI (ante) K(alendas) Nov(embres) в [p] ulsit pro masum [is] Vesuvius» – «в 16-ый день перед ноябрьскими календами Везувий толкнул/ударил/потряс [эту стену/дом/город?] сильнее всего».
В любом случае, для установления верной даты извержения Везувия в 79 году в этом сообщении наиболее ценно словосочетание «XVI K NOV», которое все исследователи расшифровывают как «16-й день перед календами ноября», то есть 17 октября. Тем не менее, вряд ли находку можно считать неопровержимым доказательством «осенней» версии.
На наших глазах дата известного исторического события пересматривается практически «в прямом эфире». Долгое время широкая публика считала неоспоримым фактом, что извержение Везувия произошло 24 августа 79 года. Затем на протяжении двух столетий специалисты обсуждали, не случилось ли извержение осенью, приводя доказательства «за» обе версии. В XXI веке дискуссия вышла на новый уровень – каждое новое свидетельство и его научная интерпретация находят быстрый и широкий отклик в СМИ.
Впрочем, официальный «перенос» даты извержения, если он и случится, мало скажется на популярности для широкой публики самих Помпей. Люди посещают археологическую зону, чтобы почувствовать себя погружёнными в античную древность. Древность, пусть и разрушенную Везувием и временем, но настоящую. И гибель Помпей тоже была настоящей и трагической, несмотря на сложности с определением даты.
Виды Помпей. Фото: Parco Archeologico di Pompei.
[1] Римская история. Книги LI-LXVIII: пер. с древнегреч. / Кассий Дион Коккейан; под ред., предисл. и коммент. А.В. Махлаюка. – СПб.: Нестор-История, 2014
[2] Письма Плиния Младшего. Пер. с лат. М.Е. Сергеенко, А.И. Доватура и В.С. Соколова. М.-Л., изд. АН СССР, 1950
[3] Rolandi, Giuseppe & Paone, Angelo & Lascio, M. & Stefani, G.. (2008). The 79 AD eruption of Somma: The relationship between the date of the eruption and the Southeast Tephra dispersion. Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research. 169. 87-98. 10.1016/j.jvolgeores.2007.08.020.
Автор: Юлли Улетова
Источник: «Наука и жизнь» (
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2020.08.25 14:37 starworld Common sites to earn money online - Updated 2020-08-02

MintVine [USA - Select states*]
MintVine has a perfect blend of payment amounts and quantity of surveys. It’s not uncommon to earn in the region of $5.00 (£4.50) for a 15-minute survey.
  • Average Payment: $0.50 – $5.00 (£0.35 – £4.50)
  • Time Invested: 10-20 minutes per survey
Amazon Mechanical Turk [International*]
Mturk is a platform that allows clients to post a large number of jobs.
GAIN [US, GB, IE, SE, DE, CA, NL, NO, AU, BE, ES, FR, DK, IT, RU, SG and MY]
Gain is a high paying GPT site that allows you to complete offers, watch videos, and complete surveys.
PrizeRebel [International*]
PrizeRebel is a GPT (Get-Paid-To) site. They have plenty of offer walls and survey providers available. [International*]
GG2U is a GPT (Get-Paid-To) site. It has some of the highest paying rates and has a few unique offer walls and surveys.
Fetch Rewards Invite Code: V3DVK [US, Puerto Rico]
Fetch is an app available for both Android and iOS where users earn money for scanning receipts and for purchasing specific products or brands.
Ibotta [US, Puerto Rico]
Ibotta is an app available for both Android and iOS that gives cash back for shopping at Ibotta's retail and then scanning your receipts to prove what purchases were made.
Hideout.TV [International*]
Earn for watching videos with advertisements.
UserTesting [International*]
UserTesting is a usability testing site. You get paid to record your screen and give feedback on the microphone when testing.
GetUpside [USA - Select states*]
GetUpside is an app available on both Android and iOS and will give you cash back on gas, groceries, and restaurants.
SwagBucks [USA - Select states*]
Swagbucks gives you the most opportunities to earn money. Surveys and Polls are the backbones of this site.
  • Payment Range: Starting at $0.52 (£0.40) per Survey
  • Time Invested: 10-20 minutes per survey
Please let us know if you find any missing information or errors made by us.
Please note that the items in this list do not imply that the subreddit or its moderators endorse the site or their views, actions, or policies. We simply list sites that are used by a large number of our users and that we collected from the Internet. We will do our best to keep the list up to date.
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2020.08.23 19:34 TheGoatPuncher Amateur tournament round-up for week 35

A new week begins, and with that new opportunities to smash noobs. Here are the tournaments you can participate in this week:
ESL Open Cup Korea #33
To be played on Monday, the 24th of August, from 09:00 UTC
Open to Any league.
Server Korean.
Prize 1st place gets $200, 2nd place $100 and 3rd place $50.
Master Swan Open #42
To be played on Friday, the 21st o f August, from 10:00 UTC
Open to Bronze to 4900 mmr
Server NA
Prize the winner gets to choose either an in-game SC2 item up to $15 in worth OR a 1-month Twitch subscription for 2 channels from this list
ESL Open Cup EU #33
To be played on Monday, the 24th of August, from 16:00 UTC
Open to Any league.
Server EU.
Prize 1st place gets $200, 2nd place $100 and 3rd place $50.
ESL Open Cup Americas #33
To be played on Monday, the 24th of August, from 23:00 UTC
Open to Any league.
Server Americas.
Prize 1st place gets $200, 2nd place $100 and 3rd place $50.
SCVRush Open #224
To be played on Tuesday, the 25th of August, from 17:00 UTC.
Open to Any league.
Server EU.
Prize 1st place $15, second place $5.
Shyrshadi Open #28
To be played on Friday, the 28th of August, from 00:00 UTC
Open to Any league
Server NA
Prize 1st place gets $35, 2nd place $15
Ao Dai Weekly #49
To be played on Saturday, the 22nd of August, from 12:00 UTC
Open to All SEA players who have not placed top 4 in a WCS/EPT Challenger since 2017
Server North America
Prize 1st place $20, 2nd place $10, 3rd place $5. Bonus $5 to a random Vietnamese player.
REGENERATE Open Weekly Cup #88 - Please note the linked site is in Russian
To be played on Saturday, the 22nd of August, from 15:00 UTC.
Open to Any league.
Server EU.
Prize 1st place gets $36, 2nd place gets $16
Legacy Weekly Japan 232 Open - Link to a previous edition's challonge, will update when the page for the new one is up.
To be played on Sunday, the 23nd of August, from 12:00 UTC.
Open to Diamond and up Japanese players or Japan residents.
Server Korean.
Prize 1st place gets 4,000 yen, 2nd place 2,000 yen 3rd and 4th 1,000 yen and 5th to 8th 500 yen.
That was all folks! Please note that this list may be subject to change as necessitated by cancellations or additions.
All tournament times in UTC for consistency and readability, your date and time can and will differ depending on your timezone.
If you know of any tournament not included here, please let me know in the comments or by PM and I'll get it added promptly.
Gl hf to everyone participating in any of the above tournaments. Have a great week :)
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2020.08.21 19:13 TheDeadRatSociety Weekly BL Recommendation #9--Hey, Class President! [Seitokaichou ni Chuukoku] AND celebrating 250+ Members!!

Weekly BL Recommendation #9--Hey, Class President! [Seitokaichou ni Chuukoku] AND celebrating 250+ Members!!
Hello Lovers~
It’s been a couple weeks since our last recommendation, but here we are again! All the info you need to get started watching and reading is right here~
hey class president manga cover art
Manga Name: Seitokaichou ni Chukoku (Hey, Class President!)
Author: Kaoiri Monchi
  • Release date: 2005-INCOMPLETE
  • Length: 7 vol? + 2 30min OVAs
  • Genre: School, Yaoi, Romance
  • Language: eng sub
*BL Level: 5+ <3
Plot Summary:
Chiga Yasuhiro--the hottest anime man ever drawn—is new at the Judo Club in his highschool, where he first meets fellow member and class president Kokusai Yuuzou. As the two spar together in club and talk in class, Chiga soon becomes intensely interested in just what makes this seemingly plain Class President so alluring and innocent to both himself and others. The manga follows the relationship development, as Chiga becomes Vice President and the two begin an FWB situation after Chiga is unable to confess his true feelings. The OVAs center on Chiga becoming VP and helping out Kokusai in more ways than one.
**Where to read and watch:
Juicy Gossip:
  • WARNING: This manga is INCOMPLETE and has not been updated in English since 2017. Every page is totally worth it, even if there’s no conclusion yet, but read at your own risk.
    • As frustrating as it is, the manga has yet to update beyond Ch. 65. I am still waiting to find out how it ends because I love mah bois so much. I urge you to read it because it’s so totally mind-blowingly sexy, but if you don’t wanna deal with the incompletion, that’s your call.
  • To this day, this manga is the HOTTEST yaoi I have EVER read EVER. Seriously guys. It is worth is to read any of Kaori Monchi’s manga because the characters are amazing, drop dead gorgeous, and the romance scenes are the HOTTEST BL scenes you will ever feast your eyes on.
  • The OVA is totally a must-see too. It’s also super hot. You will fall in love with Chiga and Kokusai-san instantly.
  • Let us hope we will be gifted the concluding chapters some day soon.

CHIGA is so hot, just look at him! XDDD
Oh, and, I'd read this by yourself if I were you ;)
~Grand Overseer

(*the BL Level is the level of intimacy in the show or manga. It will be on a scale of 0-5, where '0' is no romantic development and '5' is seriously sexy.)
(**make sure to have an adblock browser extension and system security on when accessing these sites, as they may contain pop-up ads or malware. Also, personally I suggest using private mode.)
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Free Ukrainian Dating websites Are Free Ukrainian and Russian Dating Sites Really FREE ... TOP 5 Dating Apps in Ukraine and Russia - YouTube Free Dating Websites In USA Without Payment - YouTube The biggest online dating scam by a instagram model from ... 20 funniest dating profile pictures - some Russian of ... How to find/meet Russian girl? EASY SECRET! - YouTube Top 10 Funnies Photos from Russian Dating Sites - YouTube What Russian dating sites will never tell you about Free Online Russian Dating Site  Bride Online - YouTube

Dating online with Russians women

  1. Free Ukrainian Dating websites
  2. Are Free Ukrainian and Russian Dating Sites Really FREE ...
  3. TOP 5 Dating Apps in Ukraine and Russia - YouTube
  4. Free Dating Websites In USA Without Payment - YouTube
  5. The biggest online dating scam by a instagram model from ...
  6. 20 funniest dating profile pictures - some Russian of ...
  7. How to find/meet Russian girl? EASY SECRET! - YouTube
  8. Top 10 Funnies Photos from Russian Dating Sites - YouTube
  9. What Russian dating sites will never tell you about
  10. Free Online Russian Dating Site Bride Online - YouTube

How Scams Work - Online International Dating Schemes! How to understand is a dating site wants to cheat you? There so many profiles of gorgeous Russian and Ukrainian brides on the net but do you ... 20 funniest dating profile pictures - some Russian of course subscribe here! online dating is the modern way to find your soul mate. here... It's not dating advice but funny slide show with photos from Russian dating sites. We selected Top 10 Funniest pictures of Russian women and men joined free ... The latest free dating websites for US. direct link 😎 SUBSCRIBE - 💞Real dating site: 💥Service to check: The biggest online dating scam b... Contest is finished! So what i propose you is you aren't in Ukraine, or not confident enough. just try facebook or VK (Russian fb) try to search in groups, a... Kate, a founder of, a Slavic marriage agency, discusses ''absolutely'' free, no paid Ukrainian and Russian dating sites. Are they really... On beautiful russian girls are met at every step. :). See more videos here Subscribe for information How to Find Ukrainian Girl without Marriage Agency - Meet Ukrainian Girls Online - https://www.ukrainebrid... But it's not dating websites, and a lot of woman are already married, in repationship and don't want to look forsomeone else. I will tell you in this video about free dating websites, where you ...